Additive Manufacturing Lab


Heads  Associate Professor – Igor Shishkovsky
Team:  Senior Research Scientist Dr Stanislav EvlashinSenior Research Scientist Dr Svyatoslav ChugunovSenior Engineer Andrey DyakovEngineer Denis FirsovEngineer Andrey Tikhonov

Engineer Oleg Dubinin

Student Yulia Kuzminova

Student Alexandr Filimonov

Description AML aims to

  • Provide and apply Skoltech led R&D effort, education and training in additive manufacturing technologies.
  • Provide multiscale modelling and inverse design methodology to assist in navigating complex process-structure-property relationships
  • Produce a new foundation for CAD systems to overcome the limitations of existing solid modelling in representing complex geometries and multiple materials
  • Fabricate functionally gradient materials and multiple materials, and embed components during fabrication processes
  • Apply computational modelling, information and design methodologies
  • Develop Skoltech courses, education materials, and curricula at both the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Develop Skoltech training programs for industry specialists with certifications given by professional societies or organizations.

Ongoing research activities

  • Study of new materials produced by Oerlikon and Polema
  • Novel Materials for Ceramics based AM
  • Elaboration of SLM process for Advanced Materials: high-temperature alloys, high entropy alloys, metal & polymer matrix composites
  • Multiscale Multiphysics Modeling and Simulation of SLM process
  • In house SLM machine design and process optimization
  • Geometrical modeling and Topology optimization
  • Direct Energy Deposition (DED) of hot resistance powdered alloys and fabrication of the Functional Graded Structures with special properties
  • 4D printing. Computer modeling and fabrication of electro-physical and biochemical properties of Micro-/Nano-EMS (electro-mechanical systems) – implants, tissue engineering scaffolds, sustainable (green) devices etc.


Educational activities
  • Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing
  • Material Selection & Design
  • Geometrical Modelling
  • Introduction to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Additive Manufacturing Training Courses for Industry
  • 3D Bioprinting: Processes, Materials and Applications (future)
Available experimental and computational capabilities and equipment
  • Metals: Trumpf TruPrint 1000, Instek MX-1000
  • Ceramic: 3D Ceram Ceramaker 900
  • Plastics: 3D System Projet 4500, Picasso Designer Pro X, Ultimaker 5S, Photocentric Liquid crystal pro, Hercules Strong

Other equipment:

  • Accutom 100- Precision Cutter
  • Lectropol 5- Electropolishing.
  • Tech Press 2, Met Prep 3.
  • SAM 301- Accoustic Microscope
  • Optical microscope Carl Zeiss Axio A1


Marc/Mentat, Matlab, Python, Fortran, Comsol, Abaqus, 3D Experience, Materialise Magics


Collaborators in industry and academia Collaboration with industries and academia that are potential users of additive manufacturing technologies are being vigorously pursued. Several modes of interaction are envisioned between the AML and industry partners, including adjunct professorial appointments, research exchange programs, the establishment of an industrial advisory board, workshops to review research results, and summer job placements for graduate and undergraduate students. Polema, TUM, RusAT, MMK Metiz, Oerlikon, Gazprom Neft etc.
Other Positions: Associate & Assistant Professor Positions AvailablePost-Doctoral Research Positions Available

Research Assistantship Positions Available