Laboratory of Composite Materials and Structures

Team: Alexander SafonovIvan Sergeichev


The Center for Experimental and Digital Certification of Materials and Advanced Performance Structures was created to:

  • Ensure the safety of products of advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Reduce the time and cost of its confirmation
  • Increase the global competition at the technology market

Digital Factory Lab concept


Research areas

  • Mathematical modeling of the “Material State” at structures
  • Development of calculated design methods for materials and structures
  • Prediction of the reliability of a fleet of structures in real time at all stages of their life-cycle
  • Research and certification testing of material components, materials, structures and structural elements
  • Virtual testing of materials and structures
  • Accelerated certification of materials and structures
  • Predictive quality achievements
  • Simulation probabilistic methods of industrial processes and production with in-situ monitoring of “material state” in the design
  • Development of “materials state” benchmark for design and manufacturing processes
  • “Smart” materials and structures
  • Development of non-destructive testing methods
  • Development and implementation of innovative design concepts and manufacturing technologies
  • Development and implementation of educational programs for advanced designs, production technology and certification

Principal equipment

  • Pultrusion machine Рх 500-6Т
Pultrusion process


Fabrication of composite structural elements with constant cross section

The maximum pulling force – 6 tons
The maximum width of the manufactured profile – 500 mm
Maximum feeding speed – 5 m / min
Number of heat control zones – 6

Input materials:
Continuous reinforcing fibers
Thermoplastic / thermosetting polymeric resin

Mechanical testing facilities


Determination of Thermophysical Properties


Industries: aerospace, railway, construction, infrastructure, energy industry, oil & gas, automotive industry.

Industry partners: United Aviation Corporation, Russian Railways, Uralcryomash, Rocket Corporation “Energia”, ROSATOM, Russian Railways, Aerocomposite, ApATeСh etc.