PhD in Mechanics

The doctoral program in CDMM offers an opportunity to earn a PhD degree in Mechanics as part of the Mathematics and Mechanics PhD program at Skoltech. The program requirements include passing a number of PhD level courses in Mechanics as well as in general areas of research methodology, education, and innovation according to the general requirements of Skoltech. However, the key requirement is carrying out original research that culminates in at least two publications in leading journals, at least two conference presentations, and PhD dissertation defense.

The duration of study is 4 years. The graduate students receive internationally competitive stipend and other benefits.

Application deadline for 2020: tbd

The program begins in 2020 on: tbd

To apply, visit the Skoltech Admissions page:

More information on the application requirements can be found at:

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact potential advisors directly to find out if open positions are available. For Mechanics program, see our Faculty page.