Mechanics and Materials Engineering

Advanced manufacturing technologies of focus in the Center involve an incredible range of phenomena at the intersection of physics and chemistry. At the core of most of the technologies is mechanics of materials. However, crucial role is played by many other physical and chemical processes:

  • manufacturing of composite materials involves mechanics of solids and fluids, liquid-solid phase transitions, chemistry of polymerization, heat transfer with exothermic chemical reactions
  • additive manufacturing involves melting and solidification processes, multi-phase fluid dynamics, laser-metal interaction, radiative heat transfer, physics of grain formation in metal alloys
  • thermal spay technologies involve high-temperature plasma dynamics, gas dynamics of high-speed reacting flows in detonation-gun spraying, melting and solidification of spray particles/droplets during their impact with a solid substrate

This makes the science of advanced manufacturing a manifestly multidisciplinary subject requiring from its practitioners a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge in many areas of science and technology.

The faculty and researchers involved in Mechanics and Physics of Advanced Manufacturing in CDMM: