Research activities in the Center are focused on the science of advanced manufacturing technologies. This involves mechanics, physics, and chemistry of materials, computational engineering, digital design and manufacturing.

The following laboratories equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment are being used for both research and educational purposes in the Center:

Composite Materials and Structures 

Modeling, fabrication and analysis of the composite materials and structures starting from manufacturing to usage and utilization. In order to achieve successful design of composite structures we conduct in-depth research in such areas as: simulation of technological processes; basic material behavior; stress, strain and failure analysis in both the static and fatigue regimes.

Additive Manufacturing

Advance 3D Printing lab with the following equipment:

  • Metals: Trumpf TruPrint 1000 (L-PBF process), Instek MX-1000 (DED process)
  • Ceramics: 3D Ceram Ceramaker 900 (SLA-based ceramics process)
  • Plastics: Regemat 3D V1 bioprinter (FDM + InkJet processes); 3D System Projet 4500 (ColorJet printing process); Picasso Designer Pro X (FDM process), Ultimaker 5S (FDM process), Createbot F430 (FDM process); Photocentric Liquid crystal pro (DLP process), Zortrax Inkspire (DLP process), Wanhao Dublicator 7 Plus (DLP process)
  • Laboratory installations for carry out Data collection and Process diagnostics: SLS/M process (Oerlikon Project); SLA-based piezo-ceramics (RSF Project)

Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Industrial engineering digital technology for all phases of high-technology products lifecycle
  • Education with novel project-based programs for MSc students and professionals
  • Closed-loop Manufacturing Systems, “Digital twin” methodology development, hybrid modeling and model verification using advanced digital techniques
  • PLM implementation, Digital design and business processes re-engineering for System-Driven Product Development approach for high-tech industries.

Micro- and Nano- Mechanics

Theoretical and applied research in the areas of micro- and nano-manufacturing that are related to process innovation, accuracy and precision, throughput enhancement, material utilization, compact equipment development, environmental and life-cycle analysis and predictive modeling of manufacturing processes with feature sizes less than one hundred micrometers.

Thermal Spray

  • Variety of thermal spray deposition equipments such as Air Plasma Spraying (APS), High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF), Cold Spraying, and Wire Arc systems are available for deposition of all types of materials on the surface of engineering components and tools
  • Thermal spraying technology for advanced surface protection
  • Near net shape forming by thermal spraying as an advanced manufacturing route
  • Nano-coating technologies
  • Corrosion protection

Mechanical Testing Lab

  • Development and identification of constitutive material models
  • Development and support of experimental methods for verification of virtual multiscale simulation models of structural materials and subcomponents
  • Experimental provision of certification of advanced performance structures
  • Support of Skoltech educational programs
  • Service testing lab