Thermal Spray Lab

Head Senior Engineer – Petr Shornikov
Team  Petr Shornikov, Senior Engineer
Stanislav Dautov, Research-engineer, PhD
Description Development of new technology and optimization of existingtechnology for creation of functional coatings with Plasma Spraying, Cold Spraying, HVOF, Flame spraying, Arc Spraying coating methods, based on equipment that includes 6-Axis-Robot and robotically controlled turntable.
Educational activities Course Title: Thermal spraying and functional coatingsCourse Description: Thermal spray technology produces high-functional coatings to modify the surface properties. The main goal of this course is explain the latest developments in the field of thermal spraying and functional coatings to the students. In this course, a wide range of questions will be addressed, beginning from the basics of spraying process up to properties and requirements of final functional coatings. During laboratory class we will get acquainted with core technologies of spraying on various equipment including industrial robots. Students will be able to produce metal and ceramic coatings and to carry out specific tests to define its properties.
Available experimental and computational capabilities and equipment -In-flight particle measurement: The system analyzes the velocity and temperature of the particles during the sputtering process in real-time.-Wide range of the functional coatings mechanical and physical properties can be analysis: Microstructure, adhesion and cohesion, hardness, elastic, tribological and wear resistance properties, chemical composition, 2D&3D surface profiling.
Collaborators in industry and academia This area of technological applications is on extremely high demand in power generation, automotive, oil & gas and general industries.


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