MSc Student Projects

MSc students are encouraged to identify a research project to work on as soon as they begin their studies. To help identify projects of interest, the AMT program offers in Term 1B (October) a compulsory course “Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Technologies”, in which all CDMM faculty will present their research and introduce potential projects that can become the basis of an MSc thesis.

Some possible  projects are listed below. The list is being continually updated so check back for new information. You can also get in touch directly with a professor for further details.

Possible Student Projects:

Comparative parameterization and microstructural features optimization of 3D parts from powder X alloy

Experimental study of the shape memory effect in 3D polymer parts fabricated by the FDM method
Thermographic Measurements during Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Experimental and numerical modelling of residual stresses after the SLM

A moment-vector approach for parametric and topology

Combined applying of Newton-Raphson method and simulated annealing for optimization

Highcycle and Gigacycle Fatigue in Metals

Improving Interlaminar Fracture Toughness in Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Materials

Permeability of Composite Preforms

3D Microstructure of a Thermal-Barrier Coating

Numerical Micromechanics. Digital twins of materials


Acoustic wave propagation in anisotropic heterogeneous materials