Dr. Dmitry Kolomenskiy

Project Research Scientist
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC),
Center for Earth Information Science and Technology (CEIST),
Yokohama, Japan

June 20, 2017
11.00 – 12.00
Room 403


Numerical simulation of flapping flight presents many challenges such as relative flapping motion of the wings, their complex geometrical shape and deformation. In my talk, I will introduce a dedicated open source software for numerical modelling of flapping flight of insects, FluSI. The computational framework is optimized for high performance computers with distributed memory. Discretization of the three-dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes equations is based on a Fourier pseudospectral method with adaptive time stepping. Complex time-varying geometry of the flapping wings and moving body is handled using the volume penalization method. I will present examples of application of this software. Over the past decades, animal flight under steady conditions has been extensively explored. The experimental as well as numerical techniques matured to the degree that allows studying the flight dynamics in realistic conditions representative of natural environment. In this connection, I will talk about the effect of free-stream turbulence on the aerodynamic forces of flapping wings and explain how bumblebees fly in vortex streets.