SEMINAR «A Digital Network Manufacturing System – Materialization of Ideas»

Prof. Ighor Uzhinsky

Head of a Laboratory of Information Technologies of the Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing and Materials

June 16, 2016

13.00 – 14.30

Room 148




Increased demand on the number and variety of consumer products and increased market competition caused globalization of production and supply networks and significant reduction of customized product development and production cycles. Most recently, manufacturing technology development has included nanotechnology and additive manufacturing along with significant improvements in product lifecycle management of complex systems using an integrated and comprehensive set of software tools, computer simulation and modeling techniques, telecommunications systems, supporting teamwork, and production and distribution activities. This has, in turn, created opportunity for the establishment of an integrated Digital Network Manufacturing (DNM) system. As a high-performance computer-telecommunication-technology network creating a resource for design and optimization of product lifecycle and the formation of flexible and efficient technology for the production and effective use of products and services.


Dr. Uzhinsky’s research focuses on applications of mathematical methods and computer technologies to analysis and synthesis of technical and economic/organizational systems. He authored more than 60 research papers and reports in the USA and Russia. He designed models for evaluating and forecasting the behavior of complex systems and processes with applications to energy, project planning and implementation, as well as for business analysis in such diverse areas as oil and gas, clean energy, and space launch.

Dr. Uzhinsky’s ideas led to a number of patents, including patents for methods and systems of producing hydrogen and oxygen for power generation, and power source.

Since 1995, Dr. Uzhinsky was affiliated with the American Aerospace company ATK (Alliant Techsystems) and Orbital ATK. He held a number of management and leadership positions, including the Director for International Projects at Thiokol Technologies International, Team Lead for the development of hydrogen storage and generation Technologies, Manager for International Business Development.