Alexey Ageev
PhD student

January 28, 2016
13.00 – 14.30
Room 148



The presented PhD thesis is devoted to mathematical modeling of micro- and macroscopic flows of viscous fluid along different types of superhydrophobic surfaces will be presented. A superhydrophobic surface has a microtexture (microcavities) filled with small gas bubbles, which ensure a noticeable velocity slip of the fluid and a drag reduction effect. To describe macroscopic flows along textured superhydrophobic surfaces, an effective Navier-slip boundary condition, related the local shear stress with the effective slip velocity, is used. The proportionality coefficients in this condition are called the effective slip tensor. The main aim of the study is to propose different methods for finding this tensor coefficients for nonuniform superhydrophobic  surfaces. The considered problems are:

1) self-similar flows of a thin liquid layer spreading along superhydrophobic surfaces from a localized mass source;

2) evolution of a liquid thin layer on a horizontal superhydrophobic cylinder;

3) the development of  a boundary integral method for Stokes flow in the vicinity of a periodic textured superhydrophobic surface with gas bubbles. A parametric study of an averaged slip coefficient was performed.


Received degree “Master of science in mechanics”, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (2007-2012).

Postgraduate studies at the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, MSU (2012-2016).

Scientific researcher of the Laboratory of Mechanics of Multiphase Media, Institute of Mechanics, MSU, since 2011.

Alexey Ageev’s scientific interests lie in applied mathematics; numerical methods; hydrodynamics; mechanics of multiphase systems; hydrodynamic of superhydrophobic surfaces; mass transfer processes.