Dr. Bor Jang

CEO, Angstron Materials, Inc.
Dean and Professor (Retired),
College of Engineering and Computer Science, Wright State University, Dayton,
Ohio, USA

December 10, 2015
10.30 – 12.00
Room 407



This presentation will begin with a brief definition of graphene materials, trying to clarify some of the confusion and inconsistency in nomenclature of graphene. This will be followed by a brief review of the most promising mass production processes for graphene materials, including both pristine graphene and graphene oxide. The technical and commercial challenges experienced by graphene producers will be high-lighted. For instance, a significant challenge is the notion that graphene is a unique material that requires different processes to bring out the most desirable characteristics for a particular application. In other words, different processes are required to produce different types of graphene materials for different applications in different market sectors. Some of Graphene’s unique properties will be briefly reviewed. This will be followed by a discussion of some of the potential and realized applications of graphene materials, including supercapacitors, batteries, and functional composites.


Dr. Bor Jang received his MS and PhD degrees in Materials Science from MIT. Dr. Jang is a pioneer in graphene materials. His research team was the world’s first to successfully produce isolated single-layer and multi-layer pristine graphene sheets. His team also has the world’s first patents on graphene applications in composite materials (2002), hydrogen storage (2004), fuel cells (2005), supercapacitors (2006), thermal management (2007), and batteries (2007). In addition, his team invented the production processes for both pristine graphene and other 2D nano materials (e.g. MoS2), such as liquid phase production. Dr. Jang is a co-inventor of 280+ US patents (issued or pending), out of which 160 US patents are related to graphene. Dr. Jang is recognized by Cambridge IP as the world’s No. 1 graphene inventor, respectively. Dr. Jang co-founded Angstron Materials, Inc. in 2007. Angstron is a global leader in the development and mass production of graphene materials. He is also a co-founder of Nanotek Instruments, Inc. Dr. Jang has published more than 200 papers in refereed journals and proceedings.