Olga Sergeeva and Evgenia Shcherbinina co-authored a paper in Nucleic Acids Therapeutics


Skoltech scientists Olga Sergeeva and Evgenia Shcherbinina have co-authored a review “Modulation of RNA Splicing by Oligonucleotides: Mechanisms of Action and Therapeutic Implications” that has been published in Nucleic Acids Therapeutics. Dysregulation of RNA splicing causes many diseases and disorders. Several therapeutic approaches have been developed to correct aberrant alternative splicing In the review, the scientists discuss the mechanisms of splice switching oligonucleotides (SSO) action with emphasis on “less common” approaches to modulate alternative splicing, including bipartite and bifunctional SSO, oligonucleotide decoys for splice factors and SSO-mediated mRNA. They also briefly discuss the current progress and future perspectives of SSO therapy for rare and ultrarare diseases. Full text of the paper is available here.