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Start date – June 2016

Noncoding RNAs is a huge class of usually not-translated-into-proteins molecules possessing various properties and playing different roles in eukaryotic cell cycle, regulation of gene expression and carcinogenesis.
Our research group mainly focuses on two general fields:
- identification and characterization of novel long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) which could be used for diagnostics of different liver cancers;
- revealing unique features of some specific ncRNA molecules, in particular those of them which could be actually translated into small peptides.
The first topic focuses on lncRNAs differentially expressed in healthy human liver and hepatocellular carcinoma, pediatric hepatoblastoma and cholangiocarcinoma. In collaboration with National Medical Research Centre of oncology of the Health Ministry of Russia we verify best lncRNAs candidates which have a potential to be appropriate biomarkers for liver cancer diagnostics, as well as search for their functions.
The main point of interest within the second field is telomerase RNA (TERC) and their derived hTERP protein, involving in processes of cell autophagy and apoptosis. One more target is a small peptide translated from another one lncRNA which localizes together with cytochrome C to inner mitochondrial membranes and influences a number of metabolic reactions.
Experimental work includes all general methods of molecular and cell biology performing on cell cultures and mice models, including obtaining of CRISPR/Cas9 murine knockouts and targeted tissue-specific delivery of siRNA or antisense oligonucleotides.



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Novel long non-coding RNAs as potential biomarkers for diagnostics of liver cancer
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