MSc Thesis Defenses

Student PI Thesis Title
Danchurova Anastasia Dmitri Pervouchine Auto- and cross-regulation of splicing factors via alternative splicing coupled with nonsense-mediated decay (AS-NMD)
Mikova Valeriya Dmitri Pervouchine A study of intronic polyadenylation and splicing in hepatocellular carcinoma
Trankova Natalia Dmitri Pervouchine Small bacterial noncoding RNAs as antisense regulators of gene expression
Pak Marina Dmitry Ivankov Study of influence of homology modeling on the prediction of protein stability change upon mutation
Dzhafarov Mais Ekaterina Khrameeva Genotype by sequencing approach for population analysis and prediction of heterotic groups in maize (Zéa máys).
Bokan Bella Philipp Khaitovich Genome-wide association study of pork lipid composition
Doronin Danila Philipp Khaitovich Gene expression analysis in 35 brain regions in control human individuals and schizophrenia patients
Velikanova Anastasiia Philipp Khaitovich Systematic analysis of age-dependent lipidome alterations in rat tissues
Lukyanov Daniil Dmitriy Chudakov Functional differences of tumor-infiltrating B cells associated with antibody isotype
Grinchenko Andrei Mikhail Gelfand Molecular mechanisms modulating the fate of neural stem cells cultivated on bioengineered matrices based on modified pectins
Dranenko Natalia Mikhail Gelfand Deep reconstruction of evolution of protein families
Edema Hilary Mikhail Gelfand Comparative genomic analysis of lignin degradation and its transcriptional regulation in Streptomyces spp.
Grigorashvili Elizaveta Mikhail Gelfand Feature extraction by a neural network trained to predict RNA structure
Djamalova Dilfuza Mikhail Gelfand Re-classification of species and genera in family Bacillaceae
Karelin Anton Mikhail Gelfand Analysis of PTCL heterogeneity and RNA-based classification of subtypes
Rybina Anna Mikhail Gelfand Functional and phylogenetic analysis of the Escherichia coli yih-gene cassette involved in the 6-sulfo-D-quinovose and lactose degradation pathways.​
Stelmakh Viktoriia Mikhail Gelfand Computational methods for analysis of Danio rerio behavior in Novel tank test as a tool for screening of pharmacological agents.
Shikalov Aleksandr Timofei Zatsepin Comparison of specificity in unwinding of secondary structures in mRNA by eukaryotic RNA helicases DDX3, eIF4A, DHX29
Kopnin Ilia Timofei Zatsepin New chemical modifications in RNA for improved CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing system
Kramarev Igor Konstantin Lukyanov Multicolor cell labeling for tracking clones of mammalian cells
Rukh Shah Konstantin Lukyanov Genetically encoded epigenetic probes for live-cell fluorescence microscopy and mapping of histone 3 modifications
Lisevich Irina Petr Sergiev Deciphering the mechanism of action of the bacterial translational inhibitor synthesized by Actinoplanes sp. 49252
Halimani Noreen Yuri Kotelevtsev RNA interference as a useful tool for liver macrophage polarization
Ivanova Yulia Yuri Kotelevtsev Microdystrophin modification for T-cell epitope elimination
Popov Aleksandr Svetlana Dubiley Study of linear phosphorylated peptide (LPP) from Paenibacillus alginolyticus
Buianova Elizaveta Konstantin Severinov Construction of ribosome mutants with cysteine residues exposed into the nascent peptide exit tunnel
Anton Shkaruta Konstantin Severinov The analysis of potential inhibitors of CRISPR-Cas system in the human pathogen Clostridium difficile
Anastasia Batyreva Konstantin Severinov The role of Cold Shock Domain proteins in the regulation of growth, development and low-temperature stress adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana
Chaban Anastasia Maria Sokolova Function of two non-canonical RNA polymerases of Thermus bacteriophage P23-45
Drobysheva Arina Maria Sokolova Transcriptional strategy of the crAss-like phage phi14:2
Misovetc Inna Maria Sokolova Investigation of virion RNA polymerase of giant bacteriophage AR9
Kriukova Valeriia Dmitriy Chudakov Shaping naive TCR repertoires in mice
Abiko Brendah Eugene Lysenko Specificity of cadmium effect on the photosynthetic apparatus in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Samolygo Aleksei Konstantin Severinov The functional and structural analysis of Marinitoga piezophila Csx1-Crn2 protein
Elizaveta Miticheva Konstantin Severinov Protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions of components of type 1 BREX systems
Colomina Laura Konstantin Severinov Structure-functional analysis of the role of the Escherichia coli subtype I-E CRISPR-ACas system Cas1 protein in spacer adaptation
Yasinskaya Anna Konstantin Severinov Adaptation by Type III CRISPR-Cas of Thermus thermophilus during infection by bacteriophage phiKo
Smirnov Sergei Konstantin Severinov Effects of changes in type II restriction-modification system Esp1396I enzymes concentrations on protection from phage infection
Zhigulev Artemy Mikhail Gelfand Regulation of Drosophila Xrp1 gene by p53-dependent enhancer 75C6
Student Pi Thesis Title Presentation
Bogdan Kirillov Ekaterina Savitskaya Interpretable evaluation of Cas9-gRNA and Cpf1-gRNA specificity to on-targets and off-targets via Deep Learning
Mariia Vlasenok Konstantin Severinov Regulation of genome-wide transcription by essential factors that control promoter-proximal RNA polymerase II pausing in human cells 1-vlasenok_mariia_18june
Matvei Kolesnik Konstantin Severinov Matvei Kolesnik Konstantin Severinov Off-target degradation of cellular RNA by CRISPR-Cas13a nuclease: evidence of the involvement of RNA-targeting toxins
Alena Drobiazko Konstantin Severinov The Study of BREX System Proteins Functions 4-drobiazko-alena-18-06-2019
Karyna Karneyeva Konstantin Severinov A study of bacteriophage infection processes in the presence of Type III CRISPR-Cas mediated defense
Ivan Fedorov Ekaterina Savitskaya Detection of rare CRISPR adaptation events by suppressing PCR
Laura Chacon Machado Ekaterina Savitskaya The role of NHEJ double-strand break repair on sgRNA/Cas9 targeting in Pseudomonas putida KT2440
Polina Muziukina Ekaterina Savitskaya Evaluation of CRISPR spacers diversity in Clostridium difficile clinical isolates 8-muzyukina_18-06
Aleksandr Kirillov Konstantin Severinov The influence of copy number of restriction-modification genes on protection from viral infection
Eldar Yagmurov Svetlana Dubiley The study of putative mcc-like gene cluster from Hyalangium minutum
Stepan Ovchinnikov Svetlana Dubiley Study of type II GNAT toxin-antitoxin systems
Valeriia Mitsurova Konstantin Severinov Studying the involvement of autophagy in the response of A. thaliana to M. persicae attack
Anastasiia Stepanova Konstantin Severinov Leafy head development of Chinese cabbage 6-stepanova_anastasiia_19_june
Aleksandr Polkhovskii Konstantin Severinov Characterization of telomerase machinery components in Brassicaceae family
Sergei Bogomolov Konstantin Severinov  Antimicrobial phytochemicals from edible and medicinal plants 8-bogomolov-sergei-19_06_2019
Alevtina Koreshova Georgii Bazykin Phylogeographic analysis of hepatitis A virus in Russia
Anna Obraztsova Mikhail Shugai Bioinformatic analysis of memory B cell receptor repertoires with an improved algorithm for lineage tree reconstruction
Anna Zhdanova Georgii Bazykin Digging the genomes of spontaneously aborted embryos for Mendelian pathogenic traits
Bogdan Kirillov Ekaterina Savitskaya Interpretable evaluation of Cas9-gRNA and Cpf1-gRNA specificity to on-targets and off-targets via Deep Learning.
Denis Moiseenko Dmitriy Chudakov Finding signatures of viral infection in T cell repertoire sequencing data
Egor Semenchenko Georgii Bazykin Evolution of germline mutational spectra among great apes
Grigorii Sukhorukov Georgii Bazykin Recombination in tick-borne encephalitis virus
Arsenii Pozdyshev Mikhail Gelfand A microbiome-based approach for oil-well inflow determination
Nurislam Shaikhutdinov Georgii Bazykin Population genomics of the sleeping chironomid (Polypedilum vanderplanki)
Olga Gavrilenko Philipp Khaitovich Human-specific lipidome features in anterior cingulate cortex and cerebellum based on mass-spectrometry analysis
Matvei Bulat Philipp Khaitovich Evolutionary novel cell phenotypes in human anterior cingulate cortex revealed by single cell transcriptomics
Yuliya Sarana Mikhail Gelfand Comparative analysis of aphid microbiomes
Sergei Slavskii Georgii Bazykin Analysis of human height as a complex trait using the UK Biobank megacohort
Svetlana Kalmykova Dmitri Pervouchine Impact of somatic mutations disrupting RNA structure on alternative splicing
Julia Shaykhutdinova Mikhail Gelfand A biology-based mathematical model of immunotherapy for murine syngeneic tumor models
Olga Isaeva Dmitriy Chudakov Influence of immunotherapy and prognostic significance of lymphocytes in tumor microenvironment
Vladislav Belousov Mikhail Shugai Studying interactions between alpha and beta chains of the T-cell receptor and alpha-beta pairing preferences
Filipp Sergeev Timofei Zatsepin Downregulation of adenosine N6-methylation in RNA contributes to rRNA processing
Mariia Nazarova Timofei Zatsepin Development of CYTOR and MIR4435-2HG lncRNAs knockout cell lines and study of a unique 2HG-216 transcript in vitro.
Sofia Kamalian Mikhail Gelfand Characterization of the functional role of the CTCF terminal domains
Grigorii Perelman Yuri Kotelevtsev Discovery of signaling pathways involved in downregulation of hyaluronan and collagen
Kirill Danilov Yuri Kotelevtsev In vitro efficacy assessment of AAV based vectors for the gene therapy of Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Kulash Zhumadilova Evgeny Nikolaev Identification of lipid markers of human brain gliomas by using accurate mass measurements and MS/MS technique in mass spectrometry imaging
Tinashe Prince Maviza Petr Sergiev Biochemical and Structural Characterization of Tetracinomycin X – a Novel Translational Inhibitor
Mahmoud Badawi Youssef Gouda Philipp Khaitovich Region-specific features of the сortical architecture unique to the human brain
Marina Makharova Dmitriy Chudakov The role of LDB1 in the regulation of antibody maturation in B cells
Svetlana Khorkova Dmitriy Chudakov Study of trans-chromosomal inserts in immunoglobulin genes
Anna Egorova Olga Dontsova Functions of L116 small mitochondrial polypeptide in mouse fibroblasts
Oleg Baranov Olga Dontsova Processing and localization of telomerase RNA
Gurchenko Elena Philipp Khaitovich Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) for agronomically important traits loci in Russian Sunflower germplasm