Six reasons to apply to Skoltech as soon as possible: Mikhail Gelfand’s advice

To tell the truth, we all often tend to put important and laborious things on the back burner. But then, at the eleventh hour we suddenly realize that the deadline is due and nothing is ready. Besides this obvious reason, there are some convincing arguments to start preparing an application to Skoltech as soon as possible listed by Skoltech professor Mikhail Gelfand.

  1. You would be less likely interviewed by an ‘angry’ professor 

It goes without saying, that professors are humans too and will prefer to  interview two or three students per day than talking to a stream of applicants all day long. Naturally, they also feel more tired at the end of semester. And a tired professor, as you can guess, is more likely to be an angry one.

  1. Admission days do not overlap with the final exams at your university

Exams of all kinds, bachelor thesis defenses and other joys of students’ life take place at the end of spring  the beginning of summer. If you are admitted to Skoltech by the beginning of spring you will have a chance to save your nerves and strength after graduation.

  1. Enter Skoltech, defend BSc thesis, pass the final exams and become free!

Admission to Skoltech in spring guarantees you longer holidays and a well-deserved summer.

  1. If you were not selected for admission at once you still have a chance to be admitted later

If you failed to enter Skoltech in the first phase for some reason you could be put on a waiting list. And if a place becomes vacant – for instance, if a successfully selected applicant gives it up – you can still claim it.

  1. If you failed admission you would have extra time to revise your plans and change your strategy

If you get negative result already in spring you would have a plenty of time to find another place and try to be admitted to another university.

  1. And finally, the spring time!

The springtime is a lovetime with birds singing, swirling and  winging in the blossoming, and you would have a chance to enjoy it (entirely)  once the result of your admission is known at the very end of spring. That is why the romantic natures who love to listen to nightingale trills and enjoy the smell of swelling buds are strongly recommended to apply to Skoltech as soon as possible