Konstantin Severinov passed several comments


Konstantin Severinov gave a comment to Echo Moskvy radio on a novel coronavirus case record in Russia. On October, 16 more than 34 thousands patients were diagnosed with COVID-19. On October, 9 Konstantin Severinov took part in the episode of program “Agora” on Kultura TV channel. The main topic of the episode was bioethics. The guests of the program discussed the most topical ethical issues of modern genetic engineering such as unpredictable consequences of genome editing. Full video of the episode is available here. Professor Severinov gave an interview to RTVi TV channel. In the interview, he explained why COVID-19-related morbidity grows in Russia, why the official statistics on COVID-19 in Russia raises a lot of questions, and whether Russian SARS-CoV-2 strain can emerge and why the idea of “collective immunity” is not real or applicable nowadays. Full video of the interview is available here.