Elizaveta Grigorashvili gave a lecture at Arkhe


On October 6 CLS PhD student Elizaveta Grigorashvili gave a lecture “Microbiota: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” at cultural center Arkhe (Архэ). The lecture is a part of a joint project “Skoltech in Arkhe”. Nowadays almost everybody knows that useful microbes are significantly more abundant and diverse than pathogenic ones. Microbes live almost everywhere: in forests and deserts, highlands and deep water, permaftost and, of course, in the bodies of multicellular organisms, including humans. Many studies indicate that microbes inhabiting human body (gut, skin, mucosa and other organs) regulate many essential processes in different human organs, even in the brain. Microbial communities can differ not only between different species and different indviduals, but even between the left and the right arms. How does microbiome influence so many processes in human body? Why do some researhcers consider microbiome as the largest organ in the body? In the lecture, Elizaveta gave answers to these topical questions. Official page of the event.