Konstantin Severinov passed several comments on COVID-19

Professor Konstantin Severinov took part in the recent release on Youtube channel “Prekrasnaya Rossiya bu bu bu”. Together with other guests, he discussed several recent topics related to COVID-19 such as hypotheses oт the artificial origin of SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV-2 as a biological weapon and new growth of COVID-19 incidence rate in Russia. In the interview to RTVi portal, Konstantin Severinov claimed that growth of incidence rate in Russia in the last weeks does not mark the beginning of the fourth wave of COVID-19, rather, it is a continuation of the summer wave.

Konstantin Severinov gave a brief comment on the future trajectory of SARS-CoV-2 virus to Pravmir portal. In the interview to Parlamentskaya gazeta, he explained why the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Russia is inevitable. He gave a talk on the role of viruses in evolution to Rossiyskaya gazeta. In the interview to BFM.ru portal, professor Severinov unveiled the possible reasons of high COVID-19 mortality at a low incidence rate in Russia. He thinks that this phenomenon could be explained by low diagnostics rate with many COVID-19 cases in Russia remaining  undiagnosed. Konstantin Severinov gave an interview to Youtube channel “I gryanul gram” where he talked about COVID-19 vaccination, different vaccines and their long-term effects. In the interview to Obschestvennaya sluzhba novostey portal, he debunkedseveral popular myths about  COVID-19.