Skoltech researchers have published a paper in Chemical Science

Skoltech reseachers Tatyana Zyubko, Marina Serebryakova, Julia Andreeva, Mikhail Metelev, Svetlana Dubiley and Konstantin Severinov have recently published a paper entitled “Efficient in vivo Synthesis of Lasso Peptide Pseudomycoidin Proceeds in the Absence of both the Leader and the Leader Peptidase” in Chemical Science journal. The scientists have discovered a new lasso peptide called pseudomycoidin which is produced by bacterium Bacillus pseudomycoides DSM 12442. Biosynthesis of pseudomycoidin is quite unusual for lasso peptides because it lacks the stage of a leader peptide removing which is essential for production of other lasso peptides. Congratulations! Full text of the paper is available here.