The Life Sciences PhD program is one of the most successful PhD programs at Skoltech. Its students publish numerous papers in top journals and get awards for presentations at international conferences.
Duration of the Life Sciences PhD program is four years. Skoltech gives all students the freedom to choose courses and extra-curriculum elements to shape an individual trajectory, acquire soft skills, gain entrepreneurial competencies and get prepared for job placement.

Educational load

All PhD students are guaranteed a stipend of 75 000 Rub in addition to health coverage for the duration of their graduate studies, provided that academic standards are met and progress towards a PhD is maintained.

Skoltech PhD program in life sciences has been accredited by High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES)


All PhD applicants are highly recommended to contact a proposed future advisor and discuss a research project before applying to the program.

The program director is Professor Konstantin Severinov.

The program coordinator is Nina Popova.