CDISE offers a world-class education in the areas of data and computational sciences. We aim to train researchers working on computational approaches to science and technology problems, ranging from modeling complex physical systems and solving engineering design problems to the analysis of images and textual data.

CDISE features 2-year MSc and 4-year Ph.D. educational programs for prospective students:


Further education programs

CDISE provides qualification courses in the area of Data Analysis, Numerical Modeling and IoT. Our professors have taught the number of courses for leading Russian and international companies such as Sberbank, Gazprom, Airbus, Total, Porsche, AREVA, and others. For the complete list of available courses and detailed description, please follow the link.

Students admitted into the programs are expected to have a solid background in mathematics (multivariate calculus, linear algebra) and computing (proficiency in at least one commonly used programming language, knowledge of basic algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture). Some background in physics or engineering is highly recommended for the IST track.

Graduates of the program are trained to perform original research in their chosen area and apply the results of the research in an industrial context. Students have numerous opportunities for collaborative research with the faculty at Skoltech, as well as at the partner universities and industrial research labs in Russia and abroad.

The curriculum includes a number of introductory fundamental courses relevant to both tracks (optimization, numerical linear algebra, machine learning), as well as a variety of application-oriented courses on topics such as computer vision, data mining, language technologies, robotics, multiscale modeling, computational electromagnetics, with a number of IT-relevant electives offered in other programs at Skoltech (Bio, Energy, Manufacturing, Space).

Refer to the course catalog for the list of courses offered.