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MSc programs educational tracks

Our MSc programs feature a number of educational tracks – specialization trajectories that give an opportunity to deepen knowledge and enhance skills in a specific field under a specific MSc program. Some of the tracks are designed in a network program format with CDISE academic partners (HSE, MIPT, MSU, SUAI, TUSUR).

MSc Data Science

  • MLAI: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (also available jointly with MIPT)
  • DIMMS: Data-Intensive Mathematical Modelling and Simulations
  • SLT: Statistical Learning Theory (jointly with HSE)

MSc Information Science and Technology

  • IoT: Internet of Things and Next-Generation Wireless Technologies (also available jointly with SUAITUSUR, and BMSTU)
  • HPC: High-Performance Computing and Big Data
  • ACN: Advanced Computing and Networks (jointly with MSU)

Find out more information about the tracks for MSc Data Science and MSc Information Science and Technology and the admission dates of the upcoming MSc selection waves.

For more details about the MSc programs, please contact:

  • CDISE education team: ,
  • MSc programs coordinator, Assistant Professor Maxim Panov,
  • MSc Data Science program director, Professor Maxim Fedorov,
  • MSc Information Science and Technology program director, Professor Nikolay Brilliantov.

CDISE Educational Committee is responsible for developing educational programs and maintaining a high level of instruction. The committee consists of the following members:

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