CDSE PhD program has been successfully accredited until 2025!


This week, we have officially received wonderful news from Hcéres (High Council for Evaluation of Research and higher education) that the Computational and Data Science and Engineering  Doctoral program has been internationally accredited by Hcéres for a period of 5 years.

Considering the accreditation criteria analysis detailed above, the accreditation committee issues the following decision:
“Five-year unreserved accreditation decision”

We would like to warmly congratulate everyone on this important step in the development of our center, and express our sincere gratitude to all bodies of CDISE and Skoltech involved in the process of preparation for the international accreditation:

  • CDISE leadership,
  • Education office,
  • CDISE education team,
  • CDISE faculty,
  • CDSE PhD students,
  • CDISE academic and international partners,
  • Student Department,
  • Student Council.

The official report of the accreditation decision can be found soon (once uploaded) on Hceres official website in the Publications section.  Meanwhile, you can find the certificate of accreditation decision from April 2020: