CDSE PhD program

The Computational and Data Science and Engineering (CDSE) PhD program is one of the most successful PhD programs at Skoltech. PhD students publish numerous papers in high-rank Q1/Q2 journals and present the results of their work at reputable international conferences.

All PhD students are guaranteed a minimum stipend of 75,000₽ (for international students – 85,000₽) in addition to health coverage for the duration of their graduate studies, provided that academic standards are met and progress towards a PhD is maintained.

CDSE doctoral program is focused around the next fields and sub-fields which comprise the research directions of CDISE:

  • Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mathematical Modeling, Efficient numerical algorithms, Computational Materials design
  • Emerging Computing Technologies, Quantum Enhanced Computation & Simulations
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Internet of Things, Applied Information Theory
  • Computational Biomedicine, Precise and Digital Agriculture, Cheminformatics and Computational Drug Discovery, Biomedical Analytics, Imaging, and Monitoring
  • Computer Vision
  • Robotics

All PhD applicants are highly recommended to contact a prospective supervisor and discuss the research project before applying to the PhD program.

For more details about the CDSE program, please contact:

PhD program comittee:

  • Alexander Bernstein
  • Nikolay Brilliantov
  • Grigoriy Kabatyansky
  • Maxim Fedorov
  • Gonzalo Ferrer
  • Ivan Oseledets

General e-mail:

Key admission information
Educational load for PhD students
Publication requirements and Conference participation for PhD students

You can check the PhD thesis defenses of CDSE graduates on the official webpage.