PhD Positions

Currently listed open PhD positions have the following timeframe:

  • Application deadline: 2 August 2020
  • Start Date: 1 November 2020
  • Duration of PhD project: 4 years

Uncertainty Estimation in Machine Learning (Prof. Maxim Panov)

Memristor-based On-chip Neuromorphic Computing Arrays (Prof. Dmitry Yudin)

Machine Learning-based Stochastic Trajectories Characterization and Inpainting (Prof. Vladimir Palyulin)

Machine Learning in Deorphanization of Potential Drug Targets (Prof. Natalia Strushkevich)

Omics Mass Spectrometry-Based Technologies for Improving Personalized Medicine and Health (Prof. Christoph Borchers)

High-Performance Computing in Extreme Laser Physics (Prof. Sergey Rykovanov)

Deep Learning in Scientific Simulations on Supercomputers (Prof. Sergey Rykovanov)

For more details, please get acquainted with the CDSE PhD program details and PhD admission procedure.

Skoltech Center CDISE aims at the conduction of cross-cutting interdisciplinary research driven by modern applications in the fields of computational and data sciences. CDISE has accumulated 20+ research groups all with unique expertise in Russia and competitive at the world level in their prospective areas:


All PhD studentships in Skoltech are by default covered with a generous stipend of 75,000₽ in addition to health coverage for the duration of graduate studies, provided that academic standards are met, and progress towards a PhD degree is maintained. Check for more details in Skoltech policy on student stipends and other benefits.