MSc programs

MSc programs structure

Our MSc programs feature a number of educational tracks – specialization trajectories that give an opportunity to deepen knowledge and enhance skills in a specific field under a specific MSc program.

MSc program

MSc Data Science

MSc Advanced computational Sciences

MSc Internet of Things & Wireless Technologies

Director Professor Ivan Oseledets Professor Nikolay Brilliantov Associate Professor of Practice Dmitry Lakontsev
Coordinator Alexander Katrutsa Assistant Professor Vladimir Palyulin Assistant Professor Andrey Somov
  • MLAI: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • MML: Math of Machine Learning
  • DIMMS: Data-Intensive Mathematical Modelling and Simulations
  • HPC: High-Performance Computing and Big Data
  • IoT: Internet of Things and Next-Generation Wireless Technologies

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For more details about the MSc programs, please contact the our education team: / / or corresponding MSc program coordinators.

CDISE Educational Committee is responsible for developing educational programs and maintaining a high level of instruction. The committee consists of the following members:

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