CDISE MSc students defenses 2020

During the course of two weeks, on 8, 9, 15, 16, 18, and 19 June 2020, CDISE together with the Education office have hosted a series of MSc defenses: eight panels for the DS program and two panels for the IST program, to be precise. All in all, we got 91/93 DS students and 22/24 IST students who got As or Bs. This is a fantastic result for the Skotech CDISE center!

We would like to congratulate all CDISE students who have successfully defended their thesis and CDISE research advisors for their great advising!

Also, we are cordially grateful to our Chairmen Vadim Strijov, Anton Konushin, and Vladimir Lyashev for their titanic work of evaluation of students’ works as well as all external and CDISE state examination committee members for their dedication and expert evaluations.

Below you can find all the thesis titles of MSc defenses 2020 of Data Science and Information Science and Technology programs:

Student Advisor Thesis Title Identifier Program
Biktairov Yury Gonzalo Ferrer Predicting vehicle motion by ranking possible trajectories MIPT Data Science
Bokhovkin Alexey Evgeny Burnaev Registration of 3D scene fragments using Deformable Shapes MIPT Data Science
Denisenko Dmitry Mikhail Belyaev Fast & robust segmentation of critical structures for radiation therapy planning MIPT Data Science
Gavrilchik Konstantin Dmitry Yarotsky Deep Learning for Automatic Video Editing MIPT Data Science
Janabekova Aliya Grigory Kabatyansky Upper and lower bounds on codes with separating properties of different types MIPT Data Science
Pimkin Artem Mikhail Belyaev Multidomain CT Metal Artifacts Reduction Using Partial Convolution Based Inpainting MIPT Data Science
Riabukhina Daria Anh-Huy Phan Multichannel blind deconvolution methods MIPT Data Science
Sagirova Alsu Evgeny Burnaev Semi-Supervised Time Series Classification for Web User Return Time MIPT Data Science
Smerdov Anton Andrey Somov Deep Learning Approach for Modeling Esports Athletes’ Behavior Through the Multimodal Sensor Data MIPT Data Science
Snorovikhina Viktoriia Alexey Zaytsev Unsupervised anomaly detection for semi-structured sequence healthcare data MIPT Data Science
Tsimboy Olga Ivan Oseledets Denoising Score Matching with Random Fourier Features MIPT Data Science
Araslanova Anna Evgeny Burnaev Representations of neural network graphs for effective architecture search Network: HSE Data Science
Atanov Andrei Vladimir Spokoiny Learning Deep Models with Small Data Network: HSE Data Science
Fadeeva Anastasiia Vladimir Spokoiny White-Box Adversarial Attacks on Classification in NLP Network: HSE Data Science
Gadetsky Artyom Vladimir Spokoiny Low-variance Gradient Estimates for the Plackett- Luce Distribution Network: HSE Data Science
Kozlukov Sergei Vladimir Spokoiny Geometric Deep Learning for Inverse Graphics Network: HSE Data Science
Lyzhov Alexander Evgeny Burnaev Deep neural network ensembles: analysis and approaches to diversification Network: HSE Data Science
Matyushin Leonid Vladimir Spokoiny Speeding up neural networks with variational Bayes Network: HSE Data Science
Rubashevskii Alexandr Dmitry Dylov Near-infrared to visible image translation via convolutional neural networks and reinforcement learning Network: HSE Data Science
Saparina Irina Vladimir Spokoiny Cost-sensitive Training for Autoregressive Models Network: HSE Data Science
Stulov Nikolai Michael Chertkov Neural particle image velocimetry Network: HSE Data Science
Trofimova Ekaterina Vladimir Spokoiny Reconstruction of 3D shower structures for neutrino experiments Network: HSE Data Science
Tursynbek Nursilam Ivan Oseledets Adversarial Attacks in Machine Learning Network: HSE Data Science
Voronkova Darya Vladimir Spokoiny Looking for Scale Invariance in Loss Landscape Network: HSE Data Science
Zharkynbay Bakhyt Vladimir Spokoiny Solving optimal stopping problems via approximate dynamic programming Network: HSE Data Science
Balitskiy Gleb Alexey Frolov Design and Decoding of Polar Codes for Asynchronous and Synchronous Random access Network: MIPT Data Science
Bulygin Ivan Victor Lempitsky 3D Human Pose Estimation from Monocular Videos Network: MIPT Data Science
Dzis Andrei Alexey Frolov On Freshness of Information for Multiple Random Access Network: MIPT Data Science
Kaziakhmedov Edgar Grigory Kabatyansky Developing a watermarking algorithm for deep neural networks with no extra training Network: MIPT Data Science
Khakhulin Taras Ivan Oseledets Learning Heuristics for Solving Tree Decomposition via Reinforcement Learning and Graph Representation Network: MIPT Data Science
Kireev Klim Grigory Kabatyansky Black-box adversarial attacks on face recognition systems Network: MIPT Data Science
Koposov Denis Andrey Somov Analysis of eSports players’ gaze using machine learning Network: MIPT Data Science
Lopatkin Daniil Andrey Somov AI-based Human-Machine Interface for Drone Control Network: MIPT Data Science
Melnikov Grigorii Grigory Kabatyansky Random number generators in blockchains Network: MIPT Data Science
Pautov Mikhail Ivan Oseledets Adversarial attacks in the real world Network: MIPT Data Science
Savinov Andrey Andrey Ivanov Channel estimation via algorithm with neural network structure Network: MIPT Data Science
Skuratov Nikolay Alexander Bernstein Building new models based on biomedical training data and preliminary constructed predictive models Network: MIPT Data Science
Tsepa Stanislav Gonzalo Ferrer Multiscale normal estimation on point clouds for plane extraction and robotics perception Network: MIPT Data Science
Abramov Semen Andrey Somov Analysis of Multimodal eSports Data for the Assessment of Players’ Skills Data Science
Airapetyan Lusine Ivan Oseledets Developing single channel EEG-based HCI system via eye movements analysis Data Science
Alexeychuk Nikita Alexey Artemov Robustifying differentiable architecture search with Bayesian evidence Data Science
Allahverdiyev Mahmud Sergey Rykovanov Analytic graph processing on GPUs using compressed data Data Science
Belikova Kristina Dmitry Dylov Negative Volume 3D Segmentation in Joints with Deep Learning Methods Data Science
Blagoveschensky Philip Anh-Huy Phan Deep convolutional tensor network Data Science
Botashev Kazii Victor Lempitsky Marker-based visual-inertial odometry for smartphone VR systems Data Science
Buglakova Elena Petr Popov Deciphering ionic flow in Aerolysin nanopore by molecular dynamics simulation Data Science
Chesakov Daniil Dmitry Dylov Image Captioning with Attention: How to increase speed and quality of X-Ray diagnostics Data Science
Dzunja Dejan Sergey Rykovanov Data-Driven Model for Fuel Injection Parameters Prediction in Diesel Engine Injectors Data Science
Feshchenko Ilya Andrzej Cichocki Optimized On-Line Portfolio Selection using Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks Data Science
Fursov Ivan Evgeny Burnaev Adversarial attacks on symbolic sequence classifiers Data Science
Gabuev Yuriy Ivan Oseledets Generating Sound Textures with Neural Networks Data Science
Gazdieva Milena Alexey Artemov Network Tikhonov regularization in depth super- resolution problem Data Science
Glazov Vsevolod Gonzalo Ferrer Real-Time 3D LiDAR point cloud semantic segmentation for pedestrian detection Data Science
Golovatskikh Ivan Ivan Oseledets Mobile network routing using reinforcement learning approach Data Science
Kaloshin Pavel Anh-Huy Phan Convolutional neural networks compression with low rank and sparse tensor decompositions Data Science
Karimov Rasul Victor Lempitsky CNNs with large memory layers Data Science
Kiryanov Roman Dmitry Dylov Optimization of Imager PSF with GAN Data Science
Kochurov Maksim Evgeny Burnaev Mixed curvature representations in deep learning models Data Science
Kolos Maria Evgeny Burnaev Differentiable rendering of 3D point clouds Data Science
Kononenko Evgenii Victor Lempitsky Voice based face keypoints animation in the wild Data Science
Kotelevskii Nikita Maxim Panov Enhancing Variational Inference with Markov Chain Monte Carlo Data Science
Kovalenko Ekaterina Andrey Somov Comparative study of Machine and Deep learning methods using multimodal data for Parkinson’s Disease assessment Data Science
Kovalev Evgeny Andrzej Cichocki Compression and Acceleration of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Using Correlations Analysis of Feature Maps and Filter Weights Data Science
Krylov Dmitriy Dmitry Dylov Reinforcement learning for suppression of collective activity in oscillatory ensembles Data Science
Lazareva Elizaveta Dmitry Dylov Multi-region segmentation with spatio-temporal convolutions Data Science
Loginov Fedor Nikolay Brilliantov Modeling of Multiphase Flows for Extremal Conditions Data Science
Maksimov Ivan Evgeny Burnaev Adressing cold start in recommender systems with hierarchical graph neural networks Data Science
Malyasova Viktoriya Anh-Huy Phan Voice Conversion Data Science
Mazur Kirill Gonzalo Ferrer Cloud Transformers Data Science
Melentev Nikita Andrey Somov eSports EEG data analysis using machine learning methods Data Science
Musavian Mirfarid Anh-Huy Phan Graph based Convolutional Neural Networks for analysis of EEG signals Data Science
Nagapetyan Albert Ivan Oseledets Low-rank methods for compression of modern deep neural networks and compression of convlstm using tensor train Data Science
Orlova Elena Andrzej Cichocki Tensor Train and Tensor Ring Decompositions for Networks Compression Data Science
Osipov Nikolay Alexey Frolov Investigation QC-MDPC codes decoding methods for application in post quantum cryptography Data Science
Osokin Ilya Andrzej Cichocki Generative NN-based model for humanoid robot dance movements with audio input Data Science
Pakulev Konstantin Gonzalo Ferrer Fast simultaneous detection and description of keypoints Data Science
Pankov Alexei Alexey Artemov Optimization for line drawing vectorization Data Science
Pilyugina Polina Evgeny Burnaev Towards an Ensemble of Topological-based models for Time Series Classification Data Science
Pirov Khurram Gonzalo Ferrer Deep features in real biometric tasks Data Science
Pletnev Aleksandr Evgeny Burnaev Graph neural networks for time series model selection Data Science
Pominova Marina Evgeny Burnaev Development of neural network architectures for psychoneurological diseases recognition from functional MRI Data Science
Rakhimov Ruslan Evgeny Burnaev Autoregressive video generative model based on latent dynamics Data Science
Razzhigaev Anton Alexander Panchenko Text-to-triple: retrieval of knowledge graph triples for question answering Data Science
Ryzhova Anastasiia Maxim Fedorov Machine learning methods for topical text categorization Data Science
Sadri Mohammad Ali Andrzej Cichocki Investigation of Cooperation Abilities and Social Intelligence of Elite Esport Game Players Data Science
Shafarostov Artem Victor Lempitsky Learning a compact representation for Dense Point Clouds Data Science
Shalova Anna Ivan Oseledets Deep Representation Learning for Dynamical Systems Modeling Data Science
Shvetsov Nikolay Dmitry Dylov Unsupervised non-parametric change point detection in electrocardiography Data Science
Sindeeva Maria Ivan Oseledets Black-box adversarial attacks Data Science
Strizhkova Valeriia Victor Lempitsky Human Pose Estimation from Inertial Measurement Units Data Science
Taktasheva Maria Alexey Artemov Deep learning for modelling N-directional fields Data Science
Tsukanov Roman Victor Lobachev Affect of technological parameters of steel production on physical properties of the steel Data Science
Vlasov Andrei Maxim Panov Machine-aided multi- document summarization of scientific papers Data Science
Yoo Woongseon Anh-Huy Phan Computing quantum games Data Science
Balakina Ekaterina Dmitry Dylov Face-skull transfer learning symmetry detection pipeline Network SUAI Information Science and Technology
Borovkov Nikita Alexander Panchenko Natural language understanding of comparative queries Network SUAI Information Science and Technology
Furaev Filipp Alexander Panchenko Comparative question answering dialogue system Network SUAI Information Science and Technology
Gorokhov Andrey Alexey Frolov Research and development of decoding methods for LDPC codes in 5G networks Network SUAI Information Science and Technology
Nesteruk Sergei Andrey Somov Identification of a Plant Phenotype Using Computer Vision Network SUAI Information Science and Technology
Zeulin Nikita Alexey Frolov Research on decoding algorithms beyond half designed distance in the Manhattan metric Network SUAI Information Science and Technology
Alenicheva Alisa Maxim Fedorov Predicting the acute toxicity of organic molecules using 3D-convolutional neural networks Information Science and Technology
Anikina Anna Dmitry Dylov System-software phantom for tremor suppression by using reinforcement learning Information Science and Technology
Bozhedarov Anton Jacob Biamonte Robustness of Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm Information Science and Technology
Frolov Mikhail Maxim Fedorov Optimized molecular grammars for in silico drug discovery Information Science and Technology
Kozyrsky Nikolai Anh-Huy Phan Acceleration of convolutional neural networks by low-rank approximation with quantized factors Information Science and Technology
Kupchenko Leonid Grigory Kabatyansky Efficiency of data processing on low power devices Information Science and Technology
Lakidon Pavel Maxim Panov Low-rank Deep Kernel Learning Information Science and Technology
Lukoshkin Vladislav Ivan Oseledets Generalized Finite Element Solver for Multiscale Problems Information Science and Technology
Makarova Ksenia Andrzej Cichocki Action recognition and motion prediction in human- robot interaction Information Science and Technology
Matvienko Ivan Ivan Oseledets Agricultural fields segmentation and crop classification based on multispectral satellite images Information Science and Technology
Naidenov Ivan Alexey Frolov Application of deep learning methods to decoding of linear codes Information Science and Technology
Nazirkhanova Kamilla Alexey Frolov Codes correcting tandem duplications Information Science and Technology
Prutyanov Viktor Andrey Somov Neural networks optimization for embedded systems in precision agriculture applications Information Science and Technology
Saigina Elizaveta Alexander Bernstein Machine learning pipeline for neuroimaging data Information Science and Technology
Talitsky Alexander Andrey Somov Data-Driven Parkinson’s Disease analysis based on hand-written and sensor data Information Science and Technology
Yagafarova Ksenia Ivan Oseledets Context based user routines prediction on mobile devices Information Science and Technology
Yudina Elizaveta Maria Pukalchik Comparison of metaheuristic algorithms to minimize the training sample for constructing regression model in the case of water quality assessing Information Science and Technology
Yudnikov Alexander Dmitry Lakontsev Comprehensive analysis of LTE/NR users experience dependency on channel aging and pilots contamination phenomena Information Science and Technology