Welcome to AI!

The mission of Skoltech Center for Artificial Intelligence Technology (Skoltech AI) is to create, study and disseminate transformative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

We perform research to solve main AI challenges, develop state-of-the art AI computational algorithms and technologies, build prototypes of AI based products. The CREI educates AI leaders for national economy. We actively participate in Government initiatives such as NTI, National Projects and Strategies in the areas of AI. As the leading Skolkovo ecosystem knowledge hub we offer all kinds of consulting support and expertise sharing with Skolkovo startups and companies.

We focus to solve the long-term grand challenges of AI: how to make it robust? how to make it interpretable? what does it learn? does it really learn? why does it learn?  how to learn from small data?

Educational programs

Skoltech AI powers three 2-year MSc programs and one 4-year PhD program at Skoltech:

Research areas and groups


Find out more about Skoltech AI research groups:

  1. Computational Intelligence, Prof. Ivan Oseledets
  2. Mobile Robotics, Prof. Gonzalo Ferrer
  3. Natural Language Processing, Prof. Alexander Panchenko
  4. Intelligent Signal and Image ProcessingProf. Anh Huy Phan
  5. Multiscale Neurodynamics for Intelligent SystemsProf. Jun Wang
  6. Mathematical Foundations of AI, Prof. Dmitry Yarotsky
  7. AI & Supercomputing, Prof. Sergey Rykovanov
  8. Quantum algorithms for machine learning and optimisationProf. Vladimir Palyulin
  9. Computational Imaging, Prof. Dmitry Dylov
  10. AI for Materials DesignProf. Alexander Shapeev
  11. AI-driven Modeling, Prof. Ekaterina Muravleva
  12. Parallel algorithms for AI, Prof. Alexander Mikhalev
  13. Tensor Networks & Deep Learning, Prof. Andrzej Cichocki