Hybrid Photonics Laboratories (HP Labs)

Hybrid photonics is a new emerging research area at the interface between traditional optoelectronics and quantum technologies that spans a wide range of research areas from fundamental physics to applications of phenomena related to hybrid light-matter excitations and photon-mediated interactions of disparate material systems.

Purpose: optical study of hybrid nano-structures based on colloidal nanocrystals and organic semiconductors; integration of such materials into hybrid optoelectronic devices (light emitting diodes, LEDs, and photovoltaic cells, PVs); study of strong coupling in organic and inorganic microcavity structures; polaritonics and polariton Bose Einstein Condensates; polariton-based quantum simulators

More information about the Hybrid Polaritonics Labs activities is available below and at www.polaritonics.org.

Hybrid optoelectronics
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