Biophotonics Labs (BPL)

mouseMission:  To develop new approaches combining visualization, diagnostics, and therapy (theranostics) using the synergy of last achievements of photonicsacoustics and material science for biomedical applications, and to bridge a gap between biophotonic research and clinical applications together with academic and industrial partners.

Technologies under development: Special fiber (photon crystal fibers, microstructured waveguides), photonic integrated circuits  (PIC), optoacoustics, THz, quantum sensors, acoustics (focused ultrasound, sonoluminescence, tweezers), nanostructured materials (contrast agent, sensors, drug delivery carriers), microfluidics, surface modification – synergy in combination.

Applications (Market): Theranostics including imaging & sensing and light-, photodynamic-, sonodynamic therapy, surgical & diagnostic endoscopy, point-of-care diagnostics and health tracker (including data processing with artificial intelligence), robotic surgery​.
–  visualization of pathology tissue and interface of normal/pathological tissues diagnostics using of modern photonics (optical fibers, PIC, optoacoustics (OA), THz, quantum sensors), acoustics, and materials science (microfluidics, surface modification, multimodal contrast agents based on nanostructured particles (US-, OA-, Fluorescent and Magnetic Resonance Imaging));
R&D of devices combining photonic tools (optical fibers, PIC, optoacoustics, THz) for detection of biologically important markers and drug delivery targeted systems with remote-controlled by acoustic and electromagnetic fields;
R&D of new methods and devices for diagnostics of pathology state and transient processes from the normal state to pathology and its correction on cell, tissue, and body levels (exosome detection, circulation tumor cell detection, oxygenation monitoring, etc.) using modern photonics (optical fibers, PIC, optoacoustics, THz, quantum sensors) and acoustics (focused ultrasound (US), sonoluminescence).

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Spin-off company TetraQuant

TetraQuant is a Skolkovo startup company founded in 2019 by scientists and engineers from BioPhotonics Group, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology with an interdisciplinary background to produce tools and equipment that they have relied on routinely and now aim to help other scientists to make their laboratory tasks easier and with great reproducibility of results.


Fellow workers:

  1. Dmitry Gorin, Professor
  2. Alexey Yashchenok, Leading Research Scientist
  3. Sergey German, Research Scientist
  4. Marina Novoselova, Research Scientist
  5. Vasiliy Chernyshev, Research Scientist
  6. Maxim Kurochkin, Research Scientist
  7. Polina Rudakovskaya, Research Scientist

PhD students:

  1. Timur Ermatov, PhD-4 student
  2. Maksim Mokrousov, PhD-2 student
  3. Anastasiia Merdalimova, PhD-2 student
  4. Julijana Cvjetinovic, PhD-2 student
  5. Sergei Perkov, PhD-1 student
  6. Stas Perevoschikov, PhD-1 student
  7. Daniil Nozdriukhin, PhD-1 student

MSc students:

  1. Igor Sergeev, MSc-2 student
  2. Roman Barmin, MSc-2 student
  3. Liza Maksimova, MSc-1 student