Photonics Seminar Series: Zohran Ali (MSc-2) and Kirill Malgin (MSc-1)

On the 10th of May 2023, as part of the Photonics Seminar Series, we will have the pleasure to have two Skoltech Master students Zohran Ali (MSc-2) and Kirill Malgin (MSc-1) present their research.

When:  On the 10th of May 2023, Wednesday, at 17:00 MSK time
Where: New Campus room E-B2-3007 BigBlueButton

zohranali_photoZohran Ali will give a talk entitled “Efficient Optical Frequency Comb Generation in a Hybrid Fiber Laser-Photonic chip device“.

About the speaker:

Zohran Ali has graduated from the School of Natural Sciences of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan. His bachelor’s thesis was related to Directed Information transfer using Continuous time Quantum Walks (CTQWs) on different graph structures. At Skoltech, he is currently a MSc-2 student at the Laboratory of Nanomaterials (LNM) working on Optical Frequency combs under the supervision of prof. Yuri Gladush.


Optical frequency microcombs, also known as microresonator frequency combs, are a type of frequency comb that generates a series of equally spaced optical frequency lines using a high-Q optical resonator. The resonator, typically a microcavity made of materials such as silicon nitride or silica, confines light in a small volume and enhances its interaction with the material, leading to nonlinear optical effects.

The nonlinear effects lead to the generation of new frequencies through a process called four-wave mixing, which allows the resonator to produce a spectrum of frequencies that are evenly spaced and stable. The resulting comb of frequencies can be used for a variety of applications, including frequency metrology, optical communications, and spectroscopy.

In this talk, I will discuss my short Master’s thesis progress that will include a brief theoretical background of the generation process of the Microcombs, followed by a concise literature review and conclude my presentation by mentioning our results regarding efficient and self-starting generation of these combs using a technique that is under development in our Lab.

malgin_photoKirill Malgin will discuss “Touch sensors and transparent materials”.

About the speaker:

Kirill Malgin has graduated from Samara State National University (Samara University). Now he is a 1st year MSc student of Photonics and Quantum Materials program. His research advisor is prof. Albert Nasibulin.


The history of the development of touch-sensor technologies is considered. Information is provided on the touch registration mechanisms;  a comparative characteristic of touch screen materials is given.