MSс Projects

The MSc projects proposed by the Center for Photonics Science and Engineering are centered around leading academics and state-of-the-art laboratories on various topics at the forefront of modern photonics. Proposed projects are of very high academic levels, and MSc students are expected to rapidly be involved in advanced research projects, in close collaboration with PhD students, postdocs and faculty members, leading to potential publication in high-impact international journals (Carbon, Physical Review Letters, Optica, etc…). Attendance to Russian and international conferences and month-long research stays at external institutes are encouraged and financially supported by the center.

Projects are proposed on the following reseach directions:
– Exciton Polaritonics: Hybrid Photonics Laboratories
– Synthesis and Application of Low Dimensional Materials: Prof. Albert Nasibulin
– Photonics with Nanomaterials: Ass. Prof. Yuriy Gladush
- Laser Processing of Electronic and Photonic Materials: Ass. Prof. Sakellaris Mailis