PhD Projects

The PhD projects proposed here are at the heart of the research activities of the Center for Photonics Science and Technology. Centered around our state-of-the-art-laboratories, the majority of projects involves significant hands-on experimental practice and typically requires matching experience. The Center being international (with members from France, the UK, Greece, Armenia, etc…), English is considered a working language and a decent scientific English level is thus required. The Center aims to publish in very high impact journals, with a track record of publications in Science, Nature, Nature Photonics, Nature Materials, etc… The presentation of scientific results at Russian an international conferences is also strongly encouraged and supported by the Center. PhD Alumni from the center typically go on to work in academia (postdoctoral positions in Europe or the US) or in industry (A* in Singapore, Samsung in Moscow/Korea, etc.). Skoltech being at the heart of the Skolkovo ecosystem, being a PhD of the Center allows students to leave within a modern and pleasant environnement, with potential commutes of less than 10 minutes by foot.

Projects are proposed on the following reseach directions:
– Exciton Polaritonics: Hybrid Photonics Laboratories
– Synthesis and Application of Low Dimensional Materials: Prof. Albert Nasibulin
– Photonic Integrated Circuits: Prof. Arkady Shipoulin
– Biophotonics: Prof. Dmitry Gorin
– Laser Processing of Electronic and Photonic Materials: Ass. Prof. Sakellaris Mailis
– Photonics with Nanomaterials: Ass. Prof. Yuriy Gladush