rfbr_logo_page-0001 Hybrid Photonics Lab (2020-2022)

1. Hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductor polariton condensates and transistors

2. Vibron-polariton collective phases and lasing at room temperature

3. Investigation of the mechanisms of formation of stochastic quantum vortices in a polariton Bose condensate

4. Bose spinors-condensate of exciton polaritons: coherence, density fluctuations and photon statistics

Laboratory of NanomaterialsProf. Albert Nasibulin (2020-2022)

1. Transparent conductive films based on single-layer carbon nanotubes doped with metal oxides with high output performance 

2. Switchable pulsed fiber laser based on a saturable absorber made of single-layer carbon nanotubes with controlled depth of modulation

Biophotonics LaborotoryProf. Dmitry Gorin (2021-2022)

Bioactive ultrasound-driven microbubbles for theranostic

rsf_2019_eng_gradient_vertical_rgb Hybrid Photonics Lab1. All-optical lateral logic circuits based on polariton condensates in perovskites films (2023-2026), PI: Dr. Denis Sannikov2. Realization and study of optically imprinted two-dimensional lattices of polariton condensates in inorganic microcavities (2021-2023), PI: Dr. Sergey Alyatkin

3. Organic Polaritonics: Investigation of nonlinear interactions and quantum effects in Bose condensates of Frenkel exciton-polaritons (2020-2023), PI:  Dr. Anton Zasedatelev

4. Spatially-selective synthesis of 2D materials (2021-2023), PI: Prof. Sakellaris Mailis

Laboratory of Nanomaterials

1. Novel approach to fabricate functional materials based on SWCNTs obtained by aerosol CVD method (2022-2024), PI: Prof. Albert Nasibulin

2. Novel selective gas-analytical systems for mapping of chemical space (2021-2023), PI: Dr. Fedor Fedorov

3. Machine learning for advanced optimization of single-walled carbon nanotube films (2020-2023), PI: Dr. Dmitry Krasnikov