CPQM_logoWelcome to the website of the Skoltech center of Photonics & Quantum Materials (CPQM). The CPQM was established by the decision of the Skoltech Board of Trustees in March, 2015. As part of Skoltech’s vision, we intend to lead the world-wide research in novel quantum materials and photonics, that promises to transform signal processing, computations, and enhance the performance of electronic devices. CPQM is putting significant emphasis on the key National initiative directions and industrial applications.

Director: Mikhail Skvortsov

The CPQM Mission Statement are:

Long term:

  • Impact research, education and innovation in photonics and quantum materials research worldwide;
  • Assume leadership in research in quantum materials, including hybrid photonics, polaritonics, spinoptronics, plasmonics in Russia and meet the challenges of Russian photonics industry;
  • Build and showcase materials’ growth facility, hybrid photonics and optoelectronic labs, cleanroom facilities;
  • Lead the National Photonics and Quantum Technologies Initiative.

Short term:

  • Continue equipping experimental labs in synthesis of nanomaterials, hybrid photonics, plasmoncsbiophotonics (in collaboration with CDIBB) and frequency optical standards (in collaboration with Roscosmos)