Bio Photonics Labs Seminar: Dr. Mikhail Lapine (University of Technology Sydney, Australia, ITMO University, Russia)

photo_mikhail_lapineOn the 18th of January 2023 we will have the pleasure to have Dr. Mikhail Lapine with us on a guest lecture entitled “On a few meta-topics“. The event will be hosted in person at the New Campus and on-line on BigBlueButton.

When:  On the 18th of January 2023, Wednesday, at 17:00 MSK time
Where: New Campus room E-B4-3005/ BigBlueButton 

About the speaker: 

Dr. Mikhail Lapine graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1997 (biophysics). He obtained his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Osnabrück, Germany, in 2004. His post-doctoral research experience includes Teknillinen korkeakoulu (2005–2007, devices), Universidad de Sevilla (2008–2010, medical applications), Australian National University (2009–2011, designs), University of Sydney (2012–2014, metadevices). Currently he holds a position of an Associate Professor at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, and of a Senior Research Scientist at the ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia). He also served as a coordinating Editor of “Metamaterials” (Elsevier, 2007-2012), as an Editor of “Photonics and Nanostructures — Fundamentals and Applications” (Elsevier, 2013-2022) and as an Associate Editor of “Scientific Reports” (Nature-Springer, since 2014).


Dr. Lapine will provide a brief overview of several activities, including those in the past, which might be potentially of interest for the collaboration with the Center for Photonic Science and Engineering. Specifically, he will address the following, admittedly rather diverse topics:


1. Biological motors, membrane gradients and dielectric relaxation

2. Optical sorting of nanoparticles

3. Artificial photoelasticity and electrostriction

4. Laser-patterned plasmonic and dielectric surfaces

5. Phase matching in hyperbolic metamaterials