Photonics Seminar Series: Prof. Anton Bukatin (St. Petersburg Academic University (Alferov University))

bukatinOn the 6th of July 2022, as part of the Photonics Seminar Series, we will have the pleasure to have Prof. Anton Bukatin discuss “New ways of studying single molecules and cells in microfluidic devices“. He presented how microfluidics can be used for the analysis of live single cells and for single molecule DNA sequencing. The event will be hosted in person at the new campus and on-line on Microsoft Teams.

When:  On the 06th of July 2022 at 17:00 MSK time
Where: New campus room E-B2-3006 / Microsoft Teams

About the speaker:
Dr. Anton Bukatin graduated from St. Petersburg Academic University (now Alferov University) in 2010. He followed his masters with a PhD in Instruments and methods of experimental physics in the Institute for analytical instrumentation of the RAS (St. Petersburg) in 2013. He then continued as a Senior Researcher at the Alferov University in the Nanobiotech Lab. In 2014 – 2019 he was a visiting Senior Researcher in Warwick University (UK). Since 2018 he is an associate professor at the Alferov University. Since 2021 he is a Deputy Director for Research in the Institute for analytical instrumentation of the RAS.

Today microfluidics combined with photonics and biotechnology provide unique opportunities to operate with and investigate single molecules and live cells. In the talk there will be a brief discussion of microfluidics for single cell analysis: investigation of RBCs microcirculation in oxidative stress conditions, applications of droplet microfluidic for 3D cell structures and investigation of heterogeneity of bacteria colonies. Another issue that can be solved is single molecule DNA sequencing. For this purpose into microfluidic devices can be integrated zero mode waveguides or plasmonic nanostructures for direct optical detection of single nucleotides during DNA elongation.