Seminar: Properties of ultracold rydberg gas and plasma.

Date: 24 May 2018, Thursday
Time: 16:00

Speaker: Boris B. Zelener (JIHT RAS)
Bio: Professor Boris B. Zelener, PhD (Physics) is the head of lab in JIHT RAS from 2010. He has published more than 40 scientific journal papers e.g. in JOSE B, JCP, JETP, JETP Letters. He is the professor NRNU MEPHI and NRU MPEI. He has presented more than 10 keynote and invited conference talks. He is considered one of the world leading authors in the area of ultracold Rydberg plasma and Rydberg atoms including Rydberg antihydrogen atoms and plasma.

Abstract: In the presented talk new theoretical and experimental methods for study of Rydberg Matter and Ultracold Plasma will be discussed. A goal of our project is the preparation and study of ultracold Rydberg atoms, Rydberg matter and strongly coupled ultracold plasma. Recent theoretical and experimental results will be considered. We present a new technique for investigating of ultracold light atoms by using two-photon coherent excitation of the Rydberg states. The influence of an electric field on atomic states was investigated. The mixing of anomic states by electric field allowed us to observe resonances on the forbidden transitions. We developed a new nondestructive method to measure the atomic temperature in a working MOT using a differential two-photon spectroscopy with variable directions of probe beams.