HPC clusters

The High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure of CDISE features 3 supercomputers and various specialists in the field of fast computations. Find out more about HPC and Big Data facilities and services.

In 2018, CDISE specialists under the supervision of Prof. Maxim Fedorov, manager of Data and Information Services Oleg Panarin and scientific lead Prof. Sergey Rykovanov assembled a unique supercomputer “Zhores” – the only supercomputer in Russia focused on processing Big Data as well as ML- and AI-related tasks featuring:

  • 104 GPUs(Tesla V100-SXM2) with 16Gb of memory for AI and machine learning,
  • Energy efficient architecture,
  • Nodes with extensive memory for data processing,
  • # 6 position in computation capacity in Russia (1 PFLOPS),
  • Practical applications in biomedicine, image processing, medical drug development, photonics, predictive technical service, and others.

All the computing powers of CDISE are listed below (also in a comparison table view):