CDISE Seminar: Daniel Zakharyan

Thursday, April 28, 2016

12:00 – 13:00pm in Room 407
M.Arch. Daniel Zakharyan, British Higher School of Art and Design

Generative Creativity

Traditional design process becomes increasingly irrelevant. Incredible advancements in digital technologies multiplied by contemporary methods of fabrication that dramatically reduced the cost of manufacturing diversity and complexity allow us to drastically redefine creative process. The generative age gives us a unique opportunity to use computational techniques for creative problems, where designer, instead of creating one final object, builds a process to generate objects. This approach allows a designer to explore a multivariate space of solutions that would be unimaginable to produce by traditional means. As a result, we witness the birth of a completely new design paradigm. The paradigm that frees itself from preconceived notions and dares to go beyond the limits of human creativity.

This seminar will illustrate how this fundamental shift in thinking impacts creative workflows across all scales and disciplines, spanning from urban planning to fashion, and redefines all stages of the design process, starting with the creation of the object and ending with its fabrication.