CDISE Seminar Alexander Mamonov

We welcome you to the CDISE seminar!

Thursday, December 24th, 2015
12:00 – 13:00pm in Room 407
Alexander Mamonov, University of Houston, USA

Nonlinear seismic imaging via reduced order model backprojection

We introduce a novel nonlinear seismic imaging method based on model order reduction. The reduced order model (ROM) is an orthogonal projection of the wave equation propagator on the subspace of snapshots of solutions of the wave equation. It can be computed entirely from the knowledge of the time domain seismic data. The image is a back projection of the ROM using the subspace basis for a known smooth kinematic velocity model. Implicit orthogonalization of solution snapshots is a nonlinear procedure that differentiates our approach from the conventional linear methods (Kirchhoff, reverse time migration – RTM). It allows for automatic removal of multiple reflection artifacts. It also doubles the resolution in range compared to conventional RTM.