Skoltech Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery (SCHR):

Skoltech Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery (SCHR) has been created following decision of Skoltech Board of Trustees made in December 2013. The main goal of SCHR is to provide world-class research, education and innovations in the area of exploration and production of unconventional and hard-to-recover hydrocarbons. Our aim is to establish Skoltech as a leader in developing technology and people for Russia’s future needs in the area of exploration and production hydrocarbons.

Main areas of SCHR activity in research, education and innovation are geomechanics, enhanced oil recovery, geophysics & petrophysics of unconventional reservoirs, thermal petrophysics, gas hydrates and advanced reservoir simulations. We focus our research efforts on development of new technological solutions for exploration and production of hydrocarbons at such geological objects as brown fields, tight oil, heavy oil, shale oil, oil fields in polar regions and Arctic shelf.

Following Skoltech strategy, SCHR develops collaboration with world-leading universities including Texas A&M University, USA, University of Calgary, Canada, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland and other. Among our university partner are famous Russian universities and including Moscow state university, Bashkir state university, Russian state university of oil and gas, and the institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences.

MS education program was developed in collaboration with university partners and is focused on disciplines important for exploration and production of hard to recover and unconventional hydrocarbons including enhanced oil recovery, geomechanics, unconventional reservoirs, high-performance computing and other.

Research facilities of SCHR include computational laboratory and experimental laboratories focused on research in the areas of advanced petrophysics and geochemistry, geomechanics, enhanced oil recovery, and gas hydrates.

SCHR actively develops collaboration with Industry using different forms, including R&D and service contracts, research consortia, joint grants with government and other. Our main industry partners are Russian oil and gas majors, including GazpromNeft, Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft, Tatneft, Novatek and other oil and gas producers and service companies. A considerable part of SCHR budget comes from collaboration with industry.

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