High Pressure Air Injection (HPAI): Physical Modeling Matrix for HPAI Feasibility Assessment, Field Design and Kinetic Parameters
Methane Gas Recovery from Gas Hydrate Reservoirs by N2 and Flue Gas (N2-CO2 Mixtures) Injection
Geomechanical, Geophysical, Geothermal Properties of Gas Hydrate-Bearing Permafrost Sediments
Methods of well thermometry (thermal logging) for unconventional reservoirs
Methods of electromagnetic influence on bottomhole formation zone
Geomechanic modeling of hydraulic fracture growth and its connection to microseismicity
Advanced methods of microseismic data processing for monitoring hydraulic fracturing and reservoir development
Theoretical and experimental rock physics for unconventional hydrocarbon resources exploration and recovery
Exploration and geo-risk mitigation of Russian shelf hydrocarbon reservoirs
Study of surface relief, mechanical properties and wettability of porous materials at micro and nano scales
Development of Effective Technologies of Enhanced Oil Recovery from Low Permeable Polymictic Reservoirs based on New Multifunctional Chemical Reagents and Technological Fluids
Simulation of In Situ Combustion Process: Initial Calibration of Air Injection Kinetic Displacement Model