Research in CHR

In Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) we have created an academic environment for the training of master students according to track Petroleum Engineering with the specialization in the prospecting and recovery of hydrocarbons, who have deep fundamental knowledge and competency to carry out experimental and theoretical researchers in order to develop new technologies related to difficult and unconventional reserves.

Admission eligibility requirements are determined by Skoltech and can be found at:

The master’s program includes immersion of students into the oil and gas production industry, execution of real-life projects in production and service companies, execution of scientific researchers in the Skoltech Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery together with its partners – leading universities in this sphere from the RF, USA, Canada and Great Britain.

Graduates of the program in accordance with the types of professional activity, to which the program is oriented, would be ready to solve the following professional problems:

Research & Development activities
Design and engineering activity

 Alumni and MSc students of the CHR


Working with thermal conductivity scanner in CHR laboratory


Core analysis


Loading the samples in the high-pressure cell


Examining the core surface