Alumni and MSc students






Thesis Title

Research Advisor


1 Aliya Mukhametdinova MSc Graduate, 2015 Proppants surface modification for improved oil recovery Cheremisin Alexey PhD Skoltech
2 Elvira Burganova  MSc Graduate, 2015 Catalysts in Oil Refining – the Prospects for Development of the Market in Russia Spasennykh Mikhail ТОО “Тенгизшевройл”
3 Adel Galimov MSc Graduate, 2015 Russian Oil Reserve Estimation By International Standards: Risk And Consequences Spasennykh Mikhail Ренессанс-Капитал
4 Adebayo Adeniyi MSc Graduate, 2016 Development of ASP formulation for tight carbonate reservoirs​ Cheremisin Alexey ООО НГТ Синтез
5 Aysylu Askarova MSc Graduate, 2016 Thermal methods of enhanced oil recovery: Cheremisin Alexey PhD Skoltech
6 Evgeny Shilov MSc Graduate, 2016 Developing shales testing technique and rating uncertainties of their geomechanical properties. Cheremisin Alexey PhD Skoltech
7 Ekaterina Bolotskaya MSc Graduate, 2016 Simulation of porosity waves formation in ductile shale layers in improved shale oil recovery by CO2 huff-n-puff Myasnikov Artem PhD MIT
8 Dina Bek Graduated in 2016 Modelling of vertical and horizontal hydraulic fracturing of stratigraphically cyclic formations Myasnikov Artem PhD Skoltech
9 Elena Gromova MSc Graduate, 2016 Design of transportable field installation for processing of the associated petroleum gas to methanol Pleshakov Andrey N/A
10 Gnyp Konstantin MSc Graduate, 2017 Selection of Rational Procedures for Heavy Oil Extraction from Carbonate Reservoirs based on Sector Modeling Results Stanislav Ursegov / Alexey Cheremisin
11 Ksenia Mayorova MSc Graduate, 2017 Image Based Permeability Forecasting with Machine Learning Koroteev Dmitry
12 Strahinja Markovic MSc Graduate, 2017 Evaluation and prediction of heavy oil viscosity on carbonate core samples during thermal EOR application of NMR measurements Cheremisin Alexey  PhD Skoltech
13 Yury Nikonenko MSc Graduate, 2017 Evaluation and improvement of an elastic wave propagation  modeling program Charara Marwan  PhD Skoltech
14 Ekimova Valentina MSc Graduate, 2018 Experimental Modeling of the Methane Recovery from the Gas Hydrate Saturated Sediments by the Flue Gas/Nitrogen Injection Chuvilin Evgeny  PhD Skoltech
15 Fazlyeva Rita MSc Graduate, 2018 Accelerating Rate Calorimetry application for heavy oil characterization Cheremisin Alexey  PhD abroad
16 Iakovlev Pavel MSc Graduate, 2018  Advanced Mass-Spectrometric Study of Reservoir Fluid from the Bazhenov Formation Spasennykh Mikhail,  Nikolaev Evgeny
17 Karelskaya Maria MSc Graduate, 2018 Methane Hydrate Formation in Aqueous Solutions of poly-N-vinylpyrrolidone and Sodium Chloride: Thermodynamics and Kinetics Istomin Vladimir
18 Meshalkin Yury MSc Graduate, 2018 Machine Learning to Predict Petrophysical Properties Koroteev Dmitry  PhD Skoltech
19 Miroshnichenko Vladislav MSc Graduate, 2018 Automatisation of Seismic Migrated Data Segmentation by Implementing Machine Learning Techniques Charara Marwan
20 Ponomarenko Roman MSc Graduate, 2018 Wave Propagation Modelling by Spectral Element Method in Complex Media Charara Marwan  PhD Skoltech
21 Jean Carlos Andrade de Carli MSc Graduate, 2019 Modelling of Acoustic Wave Propagation on Laboratory Core Samples Charara Marwan  PhD Skoltech
22 Desmond Batsa Dorhjie MSc Graduate, 2019 Evaluation of the EOR potential in Bazhenov shale oil reservoir by cyclic gas injection Cheremisin Alexey  PhD Skoltech
23 Erofeev Andrey MSc Graduate, 2019 Application of Machine Learning algorithms for rock properties prediction Koroteev Dmitry, Orlov Denis  PhD Skoltech
24 Gurina Ekaterina MSc Graduate, 2019 Methods for failure alarming at directional drilling Koroteev Dmitry, Antipova Ksenia  PhD Skoltech
25 Ibragimov Iskander MSc Graduate, 2019 Evolutionary Geomechanical Model of Salt Diapirism Process Myasnikov Artem
26 Kanin Evgenii MSc Graduate, 2019 Multiphase flow models for oilfield services technologies Osiptsov Andrei  PhD Skoltech
27 Mikhailova Polina MSc Graduate, 2019 Study of compositional kinetics of kerogen decomposition at elevated temperatures Cheremisin Alexey,  Spasennykh Mikhail
28 Mikova Valentina MSc Graduate, 2019 Machine Learning Methods for Predictive Modeling of Stationary Multiphase Pipe Flows and Hydraulic Fracturing Osiptsov Andrei
29 Shenderov Vladimir MSc Graduate, 2019 Applicability of Drill Bit Grading Parameters for Real-time Rock Type Classification Koroteev Dmitry, Ismailova Leyla  PhD Skoltech
30 Simonov Kirill MSc Graduate, 2019 Machine Learning Based Segmentation of FIB-SEM Reservoir Rock Images for Quantitative Understanding of Reservoir Properties Kazak Andrey
31 Tikhomirov Dmitrii MSc Graduate, 2019 Studying of the Bazhenov formation productivity by machine learning algorithms Koroteev Dmitry, Spasennykh Mikhail,  Bogdanovich Natalia
32 Trofimova Dariia MSc Graduate, 2019 Development of the method for monitoring of in-situ combustion process in the field Cheremisin Alexey
33 Tikhomirova Yulia MSc Graduate, 2019 Uranium: from sedimentation to oil shale characterization Spasennykh Mikhail, Bogdanovich Natalia
34 Zelenskii Nikita MSc Graduate, 2019 Numerical modelling of fracture propagation in the concrete-rock region to evaluate risk of gas leakage during co2 storage Cheremisin Alexey
35 Zhekenov Temirlan MSc Graduate, 2019 An inverse modeling method for stress regime identification via geomechanical and image log data Cheremisin Alexey
36 Anna Aleshina MSc Graduate, 2020 Physico-Chemical Properties of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Andrei Osiptsov
37 Ekaterina Redekop MSc Graduate, 2020 Modeling the Effects of Salinity and Suspended Particles on Reservoir Flooding Andrei Osiptsov, Sergey Boronin
38 Anton Morozov MSc Graduate, 2020 Application of Machine Learning for Hydraulic Fracturing Design Optimization Andrei Osiptsov, Albert Vainshtein
39 Egor Baryshnikov MSc Graduate, 2020 Deep Learning Methods for Multiphase Pipe Flow Modeling Andrei Osiptsov, Albert Vainshtein
40 Roman Teplykh MSc Graduate, 2020 Application of Machine Learning Methods for Various Tasks of Petroleum Engineering Andrei Osiptsov, Albert Vainshtein
41 Alexey Topolnitskiy MSc Graduate, 2020 Oilfield Surface Infrastructure Optimization Dmitry Koroteev
42 Andrey Demidov MSc Graduate, 2020 Automated Segmentation of Seismic Data Using Deep Learning’s Model Dmitry Koroteev
43 Vadim Kuzmin MSc Graduate, 2020 Machine Learning Framework for Reservoir Simulation Dmitry Koroteev, Egor Illarionov
44 Mikhail Sidorenko MSc Graduate, 2020 Deep Preprocessing of Microtomographic Images of Rock Samples Dmitry Koroteev, Denis Orlov
45 Pavel Ivanov MSc Graduate, 2020 Automatic Sedimentological Facies Identification Using Machine Learning Dmitry Koroteev
46 Anton Runenkov MSc Graduate, 2020 Compositional Kinetics of Kerogen Thermal Destruction in a Closed System Mikhail Spasennykh, Evgenia Leushina
47 Veronika Shirokova MSc Graduate, 2020 Reconstruction of Kerogen Chemical Structure Mikhail Spasennykh, Andriy Zhugaevich
48 Yakov Ermakov MSc Graduate, 2020 Application of Sr and Nd Isotope Geochemistry for Unconventional Reservoir Characterization (on the Example of Bazhenov Formation) Mikhail Spasennykh
49 Abayomi Koyejo MSc Graduate, 2020 Microfluidic Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery Screening Alexey Cheremisin
50 Sikandar Kumar MSc Graduate, 2020 Wettability Alteration in Carbonate Rock and its Influence to Microscale Fluid Distribution in Porous Space Alexey Cheremisin, Alexander Burukhin
51 Sri Varun Mahankali MSc Graduate, 2020 Assessing the Nature and Degree of Various Factors Influencing the Geomechanical Properties of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments Evgeny Chuvilin
52 Maria Ogienko MSc Graduate, 2020 Evaluation of the Thermal Interaction of Gas Production Wells with Gas and Gas Hydrate Bearing Permafrost Evgeny Chuvilin
53 Maria Merkulova MSc Graduate, 2020 Determination of Temperature Conditions of Pore Water Transition to Hydrate and Ice in the Turonian Reservoirs Evgeny Chuvilin
54 Ekaterina Oleynikova MSc Graduate, 2020 Gas Hydrate Control at the East Siberian Fields with Low Reservoir Temperatures Vladimir Istomin
55 Maria Vetoshkina MSc Graduate, 2020 Application of Frequency Spectrum Analysis to study Rock Cracking Sergey Stanchits
56 Arseny Vladimirov MSc Graduate, 2020 Improving the Reliability of Basin and Petroleum System Modelling by Reducing Uncertainties in Geothermal Characteristics Yuri Popov
57 Anna Kottsova MSc Graduate, 2020 Formation Damage Caused by Fines Migration Alexei Tchistiakov
58 Doston Shayunusov MSc Graduate, 2020 Simulation of Gas Hydrate Deposition in Pipelines Vladimir Istomin, Alexander Burukhin
1 Tatyana Bondarenko PhD Graduate, 2018 Evaluation of high-pressure air injection potential for in-situ synthetic oil-generation from oil shale: Bazhenov Formation Alexey Cheremisin
2 Aliya Mukhametdinova PhD Graduate, 2019 Complex Study of Porous Structure of Organic-rich and Low-permeable Unconventional Reservoirs Using Novel Laboratory Methods Alexey Cheremisin
3 Dina Bek PhD Graduate, 2019 Fracturing in the case of the thermal and mechanical man-induced exposure on the rocks Artyom Myasnikov