MSс Projects Prof. Albert Nasibulin

If you are interested to complete MSc Projects on the mentioned below topics – please, contact Prof. Albert Nasibulin (;

Transparent conductive films as replacement of ITO
Tailoring of modified single-walled carbon nanotubes properties for photoluminescence signal enhancement
One-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures based on SWCNT and BNNT
Electronic nose coupled with gas chromatography
Predictive power of electronic nose sensors
New chemicapacitive sensors
Food state analysis
Flexible supercapacitors
Materials for electrochemical applications (HER, CO2 reduction)
Electrochemical sensors for wearable electronics
Femtosecond fiber lasers
Nonlinear optics with low dimensional materials
Infrared vision with low dimensional materials
Fast and sensitive bolometers based on materials with high temperature coefficient of resistance
Stretchable transistors based on carbon nanotubes on polymer
2D MOF for advanced electronics
Graphene supremacy project
Machine learning for nanotube growth
Reactor train for nanotube growth
All-metallic nanotube films for transparent electrodes
Bimetallic clusters for advanced catalysis