Professor Levkin from KIT visited the Skoltech biophotonics group of CPQM and gave a lecture on the applications of materials and interface science for sensing, functional materials, and bio-interfaces.

He was very happy to see the high level of Skoltech students and strongly believes that Skoltech and Ulm University have many opportunities for joint research and education.

All these topics will be discussed with the delegation from KIT that is planning to visit Moscow in February 2022.


Congratulations to our CPQM colleagues, especially the team of Professor Dmitry Gorin, who developed strong collaboration in biophotonics with the laboratory headed by Professor Youngfeng from Fudan University.

They are working together in a joint BRICS project devoted to developing new multimodal contrast agents that can be used for Ultrasound, MRI, and also optoacoustic and fluorescent imaging systems but this type of agents is multifunctional and therefore will be considered as therapeutic agents.

Our colleagues have already published 4 joint articles in international journals like Advanced Materials, Nanomaterials, Micromachines, etc. And this was a good starting point to sign MoU between Skoltech and Fudan University, which ranks 31st in QS worldwide ranking!

Skoltech’s Recognition in BRICS-related work

Since 2016, Skoltech has been actively participating in developing and promoting BRICS S&T collaboration, such as leading activities of two BRICS Working groups: BRICS Working Group on Photonics and Working Group on Biotechnologies and Biomedicine, including Human Health and Neuroscience.

In 2020 Russia was the chairman of BRICS and we are proud to announce that Skoltech received a recognition letter from the Ministry of Science and Higher education of Russia for active and fruitful participation in BRICS-related activities 2020.

Many thanks to Vice President for Industrial Cooperation Alexey Ponomarev and his team for coordinating BRICS activities as well as many thanks for CREI Photonics and Quantum Materials and CREI Neurobiology and Brain Restoration for active participation.


2d Working Group on Photonics

BRICS countries held the second meeting of the working group on Photonics
 The second meeting of the BRICS working group on Photonics, coordinated by the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), was held online on October 13-15. One of the main topics of discussion at the three-day meeting was the development of the BRICS Virtual Institute of Photonics (BRICS VIP), created on the initiative of Russia, as well as the areas of work that are being carried out within the framework of this project. Reed more


BRICS Virtual Institute of Photonics (BRICS VIP) is an internet platform aimed to coordinate activities in the frame of BRICS initiatives in area of Photonics.

BRICS VIP is expected to become an instrument to create a BRICS Photonic Ecosystem (BRICS-PE), capable of address properly and timely modern and appearing social challenges using the photonic-based technologies.

The creation of the Virtual Institute on Photonics was initiated during 1st Working Group Meeting of Photonics in 2018 and then approved by the BRICS Ministers of Science, Technology and Innovation in 2018 (Durban Declaration, 2018). Reed more


The 7th BRICS meeting

7th BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation Ministerial Meeting was held in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 20 September.
Campinas is Brazil’s third largest research and development center, with more than 10% of research conducted.
The Russian delegation was headed by the first deputy minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation G.V. Trubnikov.
One of the main initiatives presented by Russia in science, technological and innovative cooperation (STI) within the BRICS is the creation and development of the BRICS Virtual Institute of Photonics (BRICS VIP). Reed more

1st Working Group on Photonics

In 2015 the Governments of the BRICS countries adopted the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation, which among other issues included provisions for establishment of three STI governing bodies: the BRICS Ministerial Meetings, the BRICS STI Senior Officials Meetings (SOM), and the BRICS STI Working Groups (WG).
Following the comprehensive dialogue held within these bodies the BRICS science Ministers at their 3rd BRICS Science and Technology and Innovation Meeting (Moscow, October 2015) adopted the Moscow Declaration encouraging, in particular, cooperation in Photonics. Reed more
BRICS participants

BRICS participants

1st Photonics Conference 2016

On May 30-31, 2016 the First Photonics Conference of BRICS countries took place in Moscow, Russia at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech).
The Conference was organized in accordance with the Moscow Declaration and Action Plan adopted at the III BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation Ministerial Meeting on the 28th of October, 2015.The mission of the conference was to identify the priority areas in the field of photonics, which are of common interest for the BRICS countries and to coordinate actions aligned with the existing competences, financial, scientific, and technological resources of the participants. Reed more

The bi-annual BRICS Congress on Photonics comprises a 4-day Conference and a 2-day Doctoral School.

Organized by the BRICS VIP and hosted by one of the BRICS VIP members, this Congress continues efforts of the coordination and acceleration of the fundamental and applied activities in photonics related areas. The Congress provides a unique forum to share the latest results of the photonics research at the international level and bring together the engineering, physics, and material science communities working in the field of photonics and its applications. Reed more