Liquid crystal based metasurfaces for switchable flat optics

When: May 16, 16:00

Where: Skoltech, MR-408 (TROC-3, Blue building)

 CPQM seminar:

Liquid crystal based metasurfaces for switchable flat optics

 Irina Kasyanova, PhD

Senior Researcher

Liquid crystals laboratory

Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography FSRC “Crystallography and Photonics” RAS


The concept of metamaterials implies achieving new properties via creating a specific periodical alignment of elements, the resulting properties being determined not only by the source material parameters but mainly by the arrangement. The material may be chosen among metals, semiconductors or dielectrics, depending on the goal.

We are developing the idea of soft metamaterials based on liquid crystals (LCs), which have the advantage of fast electro-optical switching. Spatially-periodic modulation of the LC director field is imposed by periodical surface alignment conditions created as a result of focused-ion-beam patterning of an alignment layer. The submicron-scale surface patterning provides distinct photonic properties of the LC layer. We will discuss the effect in terms of two possible applications – creating switchable diffraction gratings and digital control of LC pretilt angle, which opens up new prospects for the construction of optical elements: flat tunable lenses, micro prisms, etc.


Irina Kasyanova graduated from Moscow State University, received her PhD degree in Colloid Chemistry in 2005. Research interests include material science, photonics, liquid crystals and their applications. Has got an experience both in fundamental research and product oriented R&D. Author of over 40 scientific publications and 5 patent applications in material science, optics and photonics.