Superconducting quantum simulator for number partitioning problem

Speaker: Mikhail Feigel’man, Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics & Skoltechfeigelman

November 6
Room 303

ABSTRACT:  Number Partitioning Problem (NPP) is one of the classical “hard” computation problems, which is known to belong to the same “universality class” as Derrida’s Random Energy Model (REM), the simples model of classical glass. I will present quantum generalization of the REM and demonstrate that it can be used for construction of a fast quantum search algorithm, that is only marginally slower than Grover’s one, being at the same time much less demanding in terms of fine tuning. Next, I will present realistic design of superconducting quantum simulator that should be able to solve NPP with a given set of input parameters.

BIO: Mikhail Feigel’man graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1977. Since 1980 he has been working at L. D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics. Currently he is the Deputy director for research and Head of the Quantum mesoscopics group. Research interests of Mikhail Feigel’man cover various topics in contemporary condensed matter theory. Since November 2017 he is also working at Skoltech as Principal Research Scientist in CPQM.