Research Projects

Commencement of the R&D project to develop the experimental test unit based on the external heating Stirling-cycle thermal motor
Power balance control in future power systems
Energy systems: conversion, construction, and control
Efficient and secure architectures for future energy networks
MicroGrids and virtual power plants
Decentralized intelligent control of distribution networks
Integration of energy storage and demand side response in distribution networks
Development of smart control system for the means of voltage regulation, reactive power compensation and distributed sources of active power (energy) for smart electrical distribution grids
Incentive mechanisms of distributed generation integration into power system
Distributed adaptive load shedding scheme against stability loss and electrical lines overloading in power systems
A comprehensive research into the directions of development and effectiveness of Russia’s electric power integration into the Eurasian space
Methods and models for assessment of the power systems stability loss risk on the base of Lyapunov functions technique
Analytical and simulation models of demand-side management for smart grid
Compact energy installation using organic rankine cycle (ORC) for heat recovery from lower temperature sources
Investigation of cooling high energy smart inverter for smart grid system
Quadratic transformation with application to power systems
Smart operation control system for integrated electricity and heat/cold supply system for local territories on the basis of a virtual power plant concept
Thermoelectric solutions to energy efficiency
Innovative directions in development of smart heat supply system
Hybrid geothermal-biomass power plants
Novel trigeneration thermodynamic cycle with two-phase expanders and two-phase compressors
Energy storage systems integrated with renewable power plants
Information-computation technologies for the analysis and provision of identifiability and controllability of energy pipeline systems
Convex optimization based protein packing
Learning with extremely large number of classes
Computationally efficient methods for data preprocessing in machine learning problems with a special focus on applications to computational biology and image processing
Semi-supervised and shot learning problems
Peculiar spectral statistics of diluted polydisperse polymer solutions